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We help with exporting data, devising a strategy, increasing sales, and more. We actively advise and develop our clients’ businesses.

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Setting up an Amazon account

we’ll set up the account on all the relevant markets, fully configure it and on-board your team.

Analyzing the market and competition

we’ll conduct a deep-dive analysis of the potential hidden in different markets. We’ll compile a report with conclusions and recommendations.

Account audit

not sure if your marketing efforts are efficient? We’ll conduct a full audit that will show all the areas for improvement, organized by priority.

Amazon Ads

we set up and manage PPC campaigns on all markets, and our automated processes bring in great revenue results.

Creative support

we design infographics and the Content + section, in order to boost your listings’ conversion rate and ROI.

Account management support

we help with account management, securing it from getting blocked, troubleshooting and customer support.

Outside traffic

we direct traffic to your listings using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer Marketing and more, helping your account qualify for a Brand Referral Bonus.

Unblocking an Amazon account

we help in unblocking accounts and freeing frozen funds.

Advanced analytical dashboards

we create dashboards that give you real-time control over all aspects of your business.

Our experts are certified Amazon Ads specialists,
and our agency is an Amazon Verified Partner

What is your key challenge in digital right now?

Building a strong, digital marketing team

With our flexibility, we can join your team or help you build it from scratch

We are not afraid of your business development. Especially when it has to do with embracing more of your digital challenges as they appear over time. A growth mindset is our default!

Handling messy campaign data

We are determined to straighten out and fix any messy data structure

This is why commercial tools are not enough for us and we build some of them on our own. We live and breathe with custom dashboards and reports, optimizing metrics – all for the sake of proper data structuring.

Expanding from the local to global markets

We are experienced in building strategies for expanding to other countries

We have expertise in helping businesses with global expansion. Our strong learning curve combined with our proven record of tackling local languages, platforms, and cultural differences, brings our clients numerous savings on opportunity costs in expansion.

What do our Amazon experts have to say about our technologically advanced Amazon projects?

A correctly laid-out strategy based on hard data received from the right tools is the key to achieving success in selling on Amazon. The projects we develop make use of analytical dashboards we construct in order to control each touchpoint of Amazon sales, such as PPC, SEO and Seller Central in real-time. Thanks to this approach, we’re able to examine how PPC efforts to influence SEO and what effects SEO has on PPC.

Dawid Żabicki
Amazon Team Leader

So, how do we start?

Initial consultation
Discuss and share your business goals with our experts.
Digital marketing analysis
we’ll conduct a HealthCheck of your account, export the necessary reports and analyze them. On top of that, we’ll perform an analysis of your competitors and the business segment you’re operating in.
Strategy proposal
We find the most effective way to promote your business.
Implementation and optimization
produce dashboards for other areas we’ll be working on, like PPC, SEO, Seller Central, etc. We’ll analyze results, draw conclusions and implement further strategies aiming at ramping up sales and reaching the KPIs.

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Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist
Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist

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