An unexpected comeback – skyrocketing PPC results in just 30 days!

Paweł Skibiński
Paid Social Team Leader

Operating internationally on a daily basis, MTA Digital is well-equipped to consistently measure performance across multiple markets, enabling us to optimize our clients’ PPC performance.

One of our former clients, a fast-growing start-up venturing into numerous markets for the first time, returned to us for assistance after encountering performance issues. They had been attempting to manage all their PPC campaigns independently, but the sheer number of markets and required activities proved to be overwhelming.

Thanks to our previous experience and mutual trust, they decided to collaborate with us once more. Our task was to identify the issues, optimize the strategy, and improve budget allocation across all channels. MTA’s experts swiftly sprang into action.

What went wrong? Digital marketing strategy issues

When the client approached us again, to get help optimizing their PPC activities, we conducted a thorough, yet quick analysis of their global account. 

Here are the issues we determined our client was facing:

  • The campaign structure was too fragmented. There were multiple issues with placements / optimization events / lack of exclusions / lack of language selected on the ad set level. 
  • Some campaigns were optimized towards events that were either not working or there weren’t enough of them.
  • Tracking was completely broken in some countries, and had serious issues in others.
  • Issues with main pixel code.
  • Issues with basic events like Complete Registration.
  • Domain not selected on the ad level.
  • There were no signs of creative testing & analysis in all accounts, which had a huge effect on CTR. Lack of diversification of main copy and headlines.
  • Some ads were not adjusted to the Stories/Reels placements.
  • Some promos/campaigns used only 1 creative.
  • In general, there was a really low number of creatives per account. 

To sum up, the issues spanned over three basic segments of digital marketing: strategy, tracking, and creatives

Improving CTR and CPS across international markets

Once the issues were identified, MTA Digital was able to take action and try to improve the current digital marketing strategy to include solutions created by our team. We made sure tracking on all campaigns runs smoothly, and all events/links are working. 

Then, we moved on to optimizing budgeting across all marketing campaigns. With a high number of markets and projects involved, it becomes more difficult to manage CTR. This is why being able to control the allocation of money on every market is essential, a perspective that allows for smart investments and changes, especially when performance is lacking.

After implementing our carefully crafted PPC strategy, we were able to observe a significant improvement in both CTR and CPS. 


The weighted average click-through rate increased by almost 250%.


The weighted average cost per schedule fell by almost 80%.


We didn’t stop there. After improving the existing PPC strategy, creatives seemed to be the next area that could benefit from an upgrade. We assisted in customizing the creatives for different countries, adapting them to local cultures, and optimizing the ads that featured these tailored creative elements.

How the Client Felt About Our Cooperation?

The client quickly shared their positive feedback after our specialists started implementing improvements. Since weekly project calls were conducted between the MTA team members and the client’s marketing team, both parties were provided with ongoing feedback. Especially the client’s marketing team expressed satisfaction with the achieved results. 

Thanks to MTA’s strategy, significant cost reductions, campaign tracking improvements, and creative flow enhancements were all accomplished. Together with the client, we extended our collaboration on the accounts until the beginning of May 2023. 

Despite the 30-days deadline, in which our specialists implemented the entire PPC supporting strategy, it seamlessly integrated into our operational system. The temporary marketing chaos on the social accounts posed no obstacle for us. Instead, it provided an opportunity for our team to organize data, establish naming conventions, and achieve improved results. This unique aspect showcases the expertise of our social media team at MTA. 

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