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In need of a trusted partner? Leverage MTA Digital’s services and features and grow your business opportunities!

Why join forces with us?

Revenue sharing
Earn partner revenue share for sending the qualified leads our way.
Growth partner
Leverage the best MTA features to grow your business.
Team empowerment
Tap into our experts’ knowledge and experience and offer additional services to your customers.

Client referral

In this model, you transfer leads to us and recommend us to your customers. In return, you receive 10% of the amount we invoice each new client coming from you. If we upsell additional services, you also receive a 5% thank you fee.

The exception for upselling another service is when we know you are providing the same service. In that case, we guarantee you first priority to discuss its resale with the client.


In this arrangement, you receive 10% of the amount for which we invoice the customer coming from you and 5% if we resell another service. Additionally, you receive 20% of the total for Project Management activities.

We work together for one client but under our respective labels. You can label reports for a client with your brand, but your partnership with MTA must be visible in them. To make client invoicing easier for you, you can issue a bulk invoice consolidating the costs of all services and have us bill you internally.

White label

In this model, you add X% margin (usually between 30-50%) over the costs of our service. You treat MTA as your in-house team and our specialists only contact the client in matters concerning the project. The responsibility for full project management and client invoicing also lies with you.

Our reporting is done entirely through your corporate identity, we also correspond with the client from a dedicated email address, e.g.

So, how do we get started?

Step 01

Let’s talk

Let us know if you, your client, or your partner need additional support. What is the scope of their needs and yours? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.

Step 02

Discuss the details

Let’s exchange a few emails or even meet for an online kick-off strategy call right away. Let’s talk about the demands and expectations in detail and determine the scope of our partnership.

Step 03

Complete legal work

After you accept our proposal, we sign an official agreement.

Step 04

Let’s get going and grow!

Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist
Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist

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