Company values and their impact on organizational culture – a brief history of the creation of the Culture Book at MTA

Paulina Kwapisz
HR Specialist

There are plenty of digital marketing companies and organizations on the job market. Almost all of them operate similarly – they serve clients, focus on the association of specialists, create strategies and campaigns. What is it then, that makes companies sharing this profile different from each other? What influences the choice of a particular organization when looking for a job?

Organizational culture

By definition, organizational culture is a set of norms, behaviors and systems of values and meanings that are specific to a company and distinguish it from others.

It is organizational culture that shapes an organization, giving it a personal touch and authenticity. An organization whose values are consistent and credible – and are not just a collection of empty, good-sounding and good-looking platitudes – will be able to build a strong brand and bring together people who understand this vision and want to co-create it.


How to build an organization’s culture well, so that it meets its goals, engages its members, who, identifying with the company, will want to build and develop it? 

Check out MTA’s Culture Book!

Paulina Kwapisz, HR Specialist who created Culture Book MTA Group says:


“At the MTA Group, we started with people. I wanted our organization’s values not to be a collection of truisms that someone once came up with because they look nice on paper and are in fashion. My premise was to write down and highlight the authentic qualities of the organization that people working at MTA point to as our most valuable and characteristic. It started with research, talking to members of the organization, creating a survey. I discussed with people who have been working here for a long time, as well as those who have recently joined us. This allowed me to gather the essence of our values, as well as learn how individuals understand and perceive them.

Then came the moment of confrontation with the existing vision and values that were already operating in our organization. Happily, they differed little from each other. People have always been the most important thing in the MTA. I think that just searching for the right mindset and personality traits during recruitment resulted in a similar understanding of our values.


In the end, all that was left was to write down our characteristics and operating principles, which are the foundation for building an organizational culture. In this case it was not just my work. Based on the premise that it is the people who create the culture of an organization, many of the sentences you will find in this Culture Book are simply the words of our people. That’s why this Culture Book is so authentic and 100% captures the vibe of MTA.”.


Properly implemented values can enrich a company’s culture and directly affect the work efficiency and satisfaction of the organization’s members.


MTA’s Culture Book reinforces that we work for an extraordinary company and are part of something bigger. In a job market where more and more people are looking for fulfillment – in addition to a decent salary – a value system that is more than a slogan on a company T-shirt certainly sets us apart.

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