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It may not be obvious from the satisfied faces of workers, or their reassuring banter, but many workers aren’t as happy as they appear are unhappy at work. The causes could be many, and the structures in which we work are prime suspects. At MTA Digital, we utilize a Holacracy-based ecosystem that allows our employees to thrive, focusing on their interests and expertise, instead of pigeoning them into staring at the clock. With our team passionate and our clients’ expectations exceeded, we are certainly on the right track. That being said, we do welcome honest external reviews. Clutch–the prestigious B2B ratings and reviews firm–makes quality and content clear. Through client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information, Clutch creates a clear and reliable baseline for industries across the globe, and ultimately, increases the efficiency and transparency of transactions on an international scale. The agency clearly knows its stuff. Clutch ranked MTA Digital as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Poland. Our clients were instrumental to our success, so we would like to share some of their thoughtful commentary.
Paweł Szostak, portal and project manager of RUCH S.A., praised the experience of working with MTA Digital, in total. “Digital marketing is a new area for us and we don’t have much experience in the field. Fortunately, our partnership with MTA Digital has been a good experience.” Przemyslaw Orlikowski, project manager of Discover Krakow, appreciated MTA Digital way of operating. “MTA Digital’s unique selling point is their flexibility in adjusting to specific needs. If needed, they can adjust hours, assign specialists based on our company needs, and make changes during the collaboration.”
Clutch has a sister site, The Manifest, which acts as a curator of the finest businesses in the world. The online magazine consistently establishes lists of high-performing companies. MTA Digital was declared one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Poland! Founded in 2014, MTA Digital revitalizes its industry with innovation and a novel culture. We bring a different approach that allows our team members to gain the vast majority of their generated profits, develops deep partnerships with clients, transmits untold amounts of knowledge, and ultimately improves lives. Clutch and The Manifest ratings and reviews can only bolster our approach and partner-relations.

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