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MTA Digital x TikTok Ads
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TikTok Ads available in MTA Digital

MTA Digital x TikTok Ads

Our cooperation with TikTok started roughly three months ago after we set up and launched an advertising campaign reaching four EU countries for one of our clients. Thanks to the contact with the Moscow Byte Dance office (TikTok’s parent company), we signed an official cooperation agreement! How will our partners and clients benefit from it?

  • We are able to create, optimize, target, and measure your ad campaigns in the leading destination for short-form mobile video,
  • Our experts have mastered the onboarding process and will gladly enhance your knowledge of available advertisement products and formats on TikTok,
  • We are able to create highly personalized campaigns, including dynamic product ads in the near future,
  • We were granted access to all TikTok Ads’ present and future features in the alpha phase, such as the possibility of connecting Lead Ads with any CRM.

Interested in having access to new forms of advertising that no other platform can offer? Our TikTok Ads specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.