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We always stick to one simple rule when allocating digital budgets:

Always spend money from the best performing traffic source to the least.

Based on this rule, and our experience, we’ve created our own methodology that we apply when building any PPC strategy specification or account structure:

  • Current / Ex Customer
  • Searches of your brand name
  • Searches of the unique names of your products/services
  • People, who visited your page/channel/fanpage/profile and showed an interest in the products/services you offer
  • People, who visited your page/channel
  • Precise searches of the products/services you offer
  • Generic searches of the names/categories of products/services you offer
  • Targeting users who use or have used products/services similar to those that you offer
  • Targeting users who are unaware of the products/services you offer

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Digital Strategy

Setting your digital marketing strategy is the most important and the most complicated phase of a digital project manager’s tasks, but ut thanks to our methodology, it’s possible to devise a successful strategy with any budget.

We work with business and eCommerce managers to help us create a digital strategy that has a clear goal of getting you the results that you need. Rely on us to come up with new ideas for your digital marketing that will allow your online business to expand.


It’s essential for us to get to know your business so that we can help you make correct decisions regarding the eMarketing activities you undertake.

Initial consultation

Understanding your business aims, as well as those of your team, is our priority.

Let’s schedule a meeting, skype/phone call or we can arrange to visit you at your office.
We’ll spend one or two hours going over your business and what has been done so far in terms of digital marketing. We’ll take notes at the meeting and send you a summary to confirm that we understand each other.

Digital marketing analysis

With your permission, we’ll need to access the advertising platforms you use as well as your analytics data.

From there, we will analyse the data to identify the best and worst performing channels and identify which areas still have room to introduce new ideas and/or technologies. We’ll create a shared document with a detailed analysis and any new ideas that we come up with.

Competitors analysis

We need to know who your main competitors are so that we can analyse their successful strategies.

With the use of various tools, we can check what technologies, keywords, creatives and targeting your competitors use in their advertising campaigns. We can replicate the most prosperous ones and insert them into the specification of your future PPC strategy.

Strategy proposal

The strategy document will comply with your budget and resource requirements and will detail a monthly implementation plan, with clear KPIs and analysis methods.

The document will be delivered in the form of a Google Spreadsheet which be be accompanied by an in person or digital meeting – whichever suits you best. You can decide to implement the whole strategy as we outline it, expand on it further, or choose only certain parts of it.