Meet our Team

We are a team of 52+ amazing humans working in a unique environment. Everyone here is a digital marketing geek fueled on data and dashboards – but we are also real people, proud of the culture we have created.

MTA’s Values


Flat structure

We are an organization in which there is no place for the classic employer-employee structure where the management always takes all the credit. Instead, we thrive in an environment based on Holacracy - everyone here has a say and is empowered to act decisively in their Projects and Roles.


Entrepreneurial spirit

We fairly share all revenues and costs, which means that the condition of the entire organization directly affects each of us - and vice versa. As a result, our team of over 40 people has a direct motivation to act in projects as effectively as possible.


Full Transparency

All personnel and budget changes, project costs, and revenue, or everyone’s income, are available at team levels to all members of the organization. Same transparency goes with the projects - our prices are fair and marketing budgets are always settled to the last dime.


Radical honesty

We are honest and open to criticism, both between team members and in client-team interactions. We love genuine feedback and never avoid talking, even when it’s hard sometimes.


Constant development

We provide plenty of room to grow in our organization. Not only are multiple perspectives the most welcome here, as they give us chance to learn from one another. We also care about the versatile development of every member through the Levels, our internal learning goals program, embracing the whole scope of digital.


Pure hearts

We are guided by mutual trust and empathy towards each other and our clients. The principle of sincere willingness to help another person is what drives us forward. We know that believing the best about the people we work with allows us to hit the higher notes.

At MTA I work with true experts from every field of digital marketing, with whom I also privately share common interests and activities. And all this without a corporate atmosphere!
Jakub Bendlewski
PPC Specialist
What makes me happy about working at MTA is that it doesn't let me fall into a routine. It gives me full comfort and freedom of action as well as great prospects for development - both in technical and business areas
Jakub Krystkowiak
Head of business development
At MTA, I have the opportunity to work with great professionals who are always willing to help. I feel I have an impact on the organization's development and have the flexibility to act freely at the same time. It's also such a great place to learn a lot of new skills.
Jarosław Noelle
PPC Specialist

This is us

Our talented, somewhat geeky team members put their individual efforts to work together on one purpose - to strengthen your online presence.
Google Ads Specialist. Responsible for running PPC campaigns and lead generation development and coordination. Motivated by the never-ending possibilities of expanding knowledge in a broad area of digital marketing. Values the independence which allows him to plan the progress of his professional development.

Michał Hołub

Google Ads Specialist

MTA PPC Team Leader and Facebook Ads Specialist. Responsible for managing paid social media campaigns and making people within the organization feel needed. Motivated by the constant growth of the organization and the fact that everyone is becoming more specialized in what they do. Loves the variability of tasks and the fact that he can always count on the support of people in the organization.

Mateusz Mikołajczyk

MTA PPC Team Leader and Facebook Ads Specialist

Google Ads Specialist responsible for running and supervising paid ads campaigns also Project Manager of multiple projects within the organization. Motivated by positive results of his efforts and clients’ satisfaction, especially when they understand the purposefulness of the specialists’ work. Loves challenges, thanks to which he can constantly develop his skills, but also difficult situations that can be transformed into success with the right resources.

Łukasz Maciołek

Google Ads Specialist

Paid traffic campaigns manager specialized in Google Ads and Programmatic. Responsible for leading project teams and creating online marketing strategies for different products and services together with clients. Motivated by the effective cooperation inside a project team between specialists and clients. Loves developing new business relationships with fascinating people.

Jarosław Noelle

Google Ads and Programmatic Specialist

Jakub Zimny

PPC Specialist

Jakub Bendlewski

Google Ads Team Leader

Jakub Krystkowiak

Head of Business Development

Wiktoria Talbierz

Influencer Marketing and HR specialist

Piotr Ostapkowicz

Facebook Ads Specialist

Marta Kędziora

Facebook Ads Specialist and Chief Financial Officer

Joanna Sałgut

PPC Specialist and Content Manager

Karolina Sikora

Google Ads Specialist

Adrian Borzęcki

PPC Specialist and Performance Manager

Paweł Skibiński

Social Media Ads Specialist

Marta Zwierz

Content Manager

Anita Piasecka

HR Specialist

Radosław Kmita

Google Ads and Web Analytics Specialist

Błażej Suszyński

LinkedIn Ads Team Leader and PPC Specialist

Justyna Wasielewska

Office Manager

Adrianna Roszak

Facebook Ads Specialist

Klaudia Malesińska

Lead Generation and Content Specialist

Anton Kirichenko

Facebook Ads Specialist

Hubert Grygielewicz

Facebook Ads Specialist

Patryk Tomala

Business Developer

Patryk Nowak

Google Ads and Facebook Ads Specialist

Monika Kiełbaszewska

Googlek Ads Specialist

MTA Group

We are a part of something bigger. MTA Group is a place for us and other teams to collaborate, share knowledge, and fuse our technical expertise in every aspect of digital marketing.

Specialists from this team mainly deal with broadly understood digital marketing. They support Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Programmatic, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing ... If you want to meet your goals related to online paid activities - make sure to contact them!

Do you know how important the right analyst is? The specs of know! In addition, they are experts in the fields of CRO and UX. Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager have no secrets from them. Believe us - their services are invaluable! We and the rest of the MTA Group work with them. Remember - without good analytics, you can't move!

Specialists whose knowledge is at the highest level. They support in-house, conduct training and consulting and help to solve problems that no one else will solve. If you need a large dose of knowledge and unconventional solutions, going beyond one area of digital - this is your choice!

We deal with broadly understood SEO. Thanks to cooperation with other teams, we look at positioning issues from different angles. We are open to innovation, and in our work we value flexibility and good contact with the client. Contact us - we will help you achieve higher positions and better visibility!​

The development team will not only help you fix errors on your website - these magicians will create it from scratch! Thanks to their knowledge and skills, more than once or twice, we managed to fix the "unrepairable". No CMS can hide anything from them.​

The younger sister to the other teams. Their task is to gather the knowledge of the best specialists from other teams and turn them into online courses. Thanks to them, our resources will be used in the best possible way - so that next generations of fans and digital specialists can develop!

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