Testing 4 Performance Can Help Your Company Reach New Heights – Case Study

MTA Digital had a pleasure to cooperate with a number of companies, and successfully help bring some new solutions to their existing performance problems. Our partners had low conversion rates on Facebook and Instagram, which naturally affected sales. Spreading knowledge regarding the product was also difficult. There were very little tests in place regarding creatives, instant experience, or UGC – an unused potential. 

To improve the number of conversions, a set of tests were performed. Why? Because we needed to know what marketing tools are most effective as we make decisions based on the data, not hunches, and how to use them to bring in new customers for our partners. Here is what we learned. 

Choosing the Best Promotional Activities? Our Testing Methodology

Testing for performance is a process that allows us to test and learn from the results to progressively improve our customer performance. The process can be applied to any channel, team, and area. Testing is carried out following a broader strategy, conclusions are aggregated, and presented to the team and the client.

Finding out of the box ideas requires proper research, so MTA’s digital experts came up with a new testing methodology.  It searched for weaknesses within the current digital marketing strategy and tested possible alternatives that could improve conversion rates, all within a reasonable budget and to create the most benefits for our clients.  

Test A – Creatives

20% decrease in CPA after finding better performing creatives.  

In test, we tested 3 different creatives with totally different communication. The one (creative A) received much better results of $3.00 CPA compared to other creatives: $6.23 and $5.11.

After implementing results to evergreen campaign, we were able to decrease average account CPA from $7.20 to $5.90.

Test B – UGC

16% decrease in CPA on the account thanks to finding new best performing video for evergreen campaign. 

We tested 3 different creatives – control one from evergreen campaign and 2 new UGC, one showing the product and second without it. Surprising thing was, that UGC without the product gathered much better CTR. As a result of that test, we implemented new best performing video to evergreen campaigns.


Results? Account CPA before launching new creative from test: $314.

Account CPA after implementing new creative from test: $263.

Test C – Copy

18% increase in CTR on the account thanks to implementing advantage+ copy option on ad level. 

We tested our best ad with and without advantage + copy option. In the test, the difference was significant: 2.17% CTR (option on) vs 1.52% (option off). Overall, after implementing it to evergreen ads, CTR increased by 18%.

Account CTR before launching new creative from test: 1.60%.

Account CTR after implementing new creative from test: 1.88%.

What Has Been Accomplished? 

The tested ideas and campaigns performed significantly better than previously set up simple campaigns, especially when it came to conversion rates. Our clients opted to scale the tried and tested elements like creatives or copy. 

MTA has been able to decrease CPA and improve CTR, so that the promotional activities of our clients were more effective. The secret to this success? Our well coordinated testing methodology.

Have more questions about effectiveness of T4P process – reach out to: pawel.skibinski@mta.digital

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