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Looking round for a skilled TikTok Ads team? Make the best of our access to new forms of advertising that no other platform can offer. Accelerate your business with the helping hand of our TikTok Ads specialists.

What is your key challenge in digital right now?

Building a strong, digital marketing team

With our flexibility, we can join your team or help you build it from scratch

We are not afraid of your business development. Especially when it has to do with embracing more of your digital challenges as they appear over time. A growth mindset is our default!

Handling messy campaign data

We are determined to straighten out and fix any messy data structure

This is why commercial tools are not enough for us and we build some of them on our own. We live and breathe with custom dashboards and reports, optimizing metrics – all for the sake of proper data structuring.

Expanding from the local to global markets

We are experienced in building strategies for expanding to other countries

We have expertise in helping businesses with global expansion. Our strong learning curve combined with our proven record of tackling local languages, platforms, and cultural differences, brings our clients numerous savings on opportunity costs in expansion.

This is how we do it

When creating campaigns on TikTok we use the experience we’ve gained in this platform in 4 European countries and years of experience in creating ads in other social media channels.

We are constantly on the cutting edge, thanks to constant contact  with agency communities around the world, with whom we share our knowledge and experience. In such a fast-growing medium, keeping our knowledge up-to-date is the key to success. Also, Tiktok’s organic trends are reflected in the ads, so we are constantly following what is happening on the platform.

Our specialists have mastered the onboarding process and will gladly enhance your knowledge of available advertisement products and formats on TikTok.

Instead of “How many people can see this ad?”, we ask

“What will be the true revenue for the client from this campaign? How much can they earn on it?”

Here’s a list of what our experts have mastered to the highest standards

Create and support the process of developing relevant native TikTok creatives​

TikTok Tracking Pixel setup and implementation​

Relevant and optimized ad copywriting​

TikTok account setup and audit​

Monitoring campaign performance with custom dashboards​

A/B creatives testing​

Holistic analysis of the impact of the TikTok ads on the client’s entire business​

Create and support the process of developing relevant native TikTok creatives​

What do our TikTok Ads experts say?

TikTok is a rapidly developing advertising environment. No ready-made patterns of setting up campaigns and no present-for-years gurus in this field. Here, in order to get the best results, you always need to be extremely up-to-date. First of all, TikTok works great as the upper stage of the sales funnel. We have the opportunity to reach a huge number of people, not just young people, at a relatively low cost and gain much higher user engagement compared to other platforms. This platform is increasingly appearing in the marketing mix of our clients.

Paweł Skibiński
Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads Specialist

TikTok is not the place for classic advertising. Only those who perfectly understand the modern native type of product advertising, if only through user-generated content (UGC), will survive. The platform is a sandbox for creative people, so when it comes to advertising activities, it is more important than ever to work with the creative team. If we add to this a data-driven decision-making process utilizing tests, we have the tools to succeed.

Jakub Michalak
Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads Specialist

Some tips….

Make TikToks, not ads!

This is the golden rule that our team of specialists follows. The aspect that largely determines whether advertising campaigns succeed on this platform is ad creation. Video has never before played such an important role as here. First of all, during our cooperation, we will have to focus on creating ads that resemble organic, “native” TikToks.” The era of classic advertising slogans is slowly coming to an end – you need to “blend in with the crowd”, by creating posts that do not deviate in creativity and style from user posts. This is why in MTA we rely on UGC – user-generated content. 

Authenticity is key

User-generated content is content created by users. No more professional photo shoots! What you need to succeed on this platform is a user who understands it well and records the ad… with their own phone!

This will make the video look organic, which is what it’s all about!

Test, test, test…

Another aspect that perfectly reflects our analytical approach to campaigns is the testing process. TikTok is a space for intriguing video creations, so it is on testing this content that we focus the most. We are constantly comparing new creations with one another so that only the one that performed best in the testing process is always implemented into the main campaign. Data-driven marketing – that’s how we work.

So, how do we start?​

Initial consultation
Discuss and share your business goals with our experts.
Digital marketing analysis​
We analyze your competitors and find opportunities in your business niche.
Strategy proposal​
We find the most effective way to promote your business.
Implementation and optimization​
We launch your campaigns, measuring and optimizing their results to get you an optimal ROI.

We have helped 100+ companies to reach higher

What our clients say?

Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist
Foster your enterprise’s growth with our digital strategies
Discuss your challenges with our PPC specialist

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