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Meta Ads boost: 4 game-changing tools for growth

In today’s fast-paced online world, Meta Ads are the key to getting noticed. They’re a bit like putting up a smart, eye-catching billboard in the busiest part of the Internet. These ads use big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach lots of people. But it’s not just about getting the ad out there. You need to be creative, think smart, and really understand your audience. It’s a bit like being a jack-of-all-trades in the digital ad world. You need to mix a mind for numbers with a talent for creative ideas, all while staying in the loop with the latest online trends and making sure your ads hit the right mark.

Being a modern media buyer is like being a full-stack developer. You need to combine an analytical mind with creative skills while communicating with both your and your clients’ team and updating yourself every week with X (previously Twitter) and LinkedIn news. Things are getting automated (and I’m talking about campaigns like Advantage Shopping +), but actually winning the auction in the era of high CPMS is tougher than ever! So, how do you achieve success?

2 things to consider while crafting the perfect Meta Ads strategy in 2024

Ability to Effectively Navigate Various Software Tools

One key aspect of succeeding on paid social channels, such as Meta ads, primarily on Instagram and Facebook, is the ability to effectively navigate various software tools that help optimize and speed up our work. The digital environment is highly expensive and competitive, making it hard to handle everything on your own. You need help, and you can find it in the many tools currently available on the market.

But it is not only about the tools.

source: Dalle

Delivering Compelling Creations

The second thing is that crafting a successful Meta ads strategy is no longer just about targeting the right audience; it’s about delivering compelling creations that resonate with people. In this comprehensive guide, we explore four game-changing tools that will take your Meta ads game to new levels, from gathering inspiration to analyzing results and optimizing the creative process.

So, after introducing the importance of creative aspects and using external tools to craft the perfect Meta ads strategy, let’s now explore the four tools that will skyrocket your paid social campaigns!

1. “Foreplay”: Enhance ad inspirations for Meta Ads

Gathering inspiration and conducting competitor research are among the first tasks you should undertake when planning your ads on Meta platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Typically, you would have to visit the Facebook Ad Library to search for specific brands. However, now, it’s much easier with Foreplay. With this tool, you can not only save your favorite ads from the Ad Library but also find inspiration within it. You can also browse more than 100,000,000 top ads saved by other users. Foreplay is a tool designed to streamline the creation of high-converting Facebook and TikTok ads, making it an invaluable resource for all advertisers.

Saving top competitors’ ads from Facebook Ads Library

Thanks to the Foreplay browser extension, you no longer have to take screenshots or save links for the top ads you find from other competitors. You also do not need to create dedicated documents to gather all this information. It enables you to save ads directly from the Facebook Ad Library to your dedicated board in Foreplay, allowing you to collect all of your favorite competitors’ ads in one place!

Inside of Foreplay dashboard

Endless ad inspiration for any niche

Whether you are starting a new project or simply seeking inspiration, Foreplay offers thousands of ads across various niches. And these are not just any ads on Meta; these are TOP ads that have been liked and saved by fellow users. With Foreplay’s Discovery tab, you can effortlessly search for ads based on specific keywords, as AI supports their search engine. You can also use filters for your search, such as “brand,” “platform,” “format,” “status,” and more.

To save your favorite inspirations directly from the Foreplay tool, you just need to create a folder and a board for your client. Then, you can save any ad you want from Foreplay with just one click. For instance, you can create a folder for a specific client and, within it, set up dedicated boards for Facebook and Instagram ad inspiration, separated from TikTok inspiration.

If you are preparing a strategy whether for Meta ads or TikTok ads, this tool is a perfect solution that can inspire you as well as save you time.

Foreplay Tool Pricing

The Foreplay subscription starts at $49 per month, with an additional charge of $20 for each extra user.

2. “Motion App”: Simplifying chart analysis for Meta Ads results

CPC, CPM, CPA, CTR, Thumstop Ratio, total spend, and many more metrics can make it quite difficult to extract insights and determine the winning ad. Sharing this knowledge with your team can be even more challenging. This is where the Motion App comes in handy, providing a solution: simple charts, straightforward analysis, and easy conclusions.

Visualize Meta Ads test results with one click

Motion App allows you to analyze metrics from all your ads to identify the strongest and weakest ones. It also allows you to create a report with top ads from longer periods, such as an entire year. Colorful and minimalistic charts, together with an easy-to-manage dashboard, make it a great tool for drawing conclusions and gaining insights from all your creative tests and campaigns.

What’s more, you can compare individual ads and group multiple creatives into different categories. This enables you to conduct a comparative analysis, where you can, for example, compare “Banners” and “Videos.”

Simple charts that can be created for ad analysis and testing

Motion App Pricing

The Motion App subscription starts at $99 per month for 1 ad account with up to $50,000 in monthly spend.

3. “CreativeOS”: Enhancing the creation of great Meta Ads with ready-to-use templates

Creating an outstanding and eye-catching ad that drives people to conversion is one of the most important yet challenging aspects of implementing your Meta ads strategy for Facebook and Instagram. Those who discover this secret are the ones who are winning the ad auction and achieving success. The good news is that now it’s easier than ever, thanks to a group of creative strategists and paid social ads experts who have come together to create templates that you can use for your brand! CreativeOS provides you with the opportunity to choose from up to 500 different, trending, and regularly updated templates for Meta ads.

Inside of Creativeos tool

Win ad auctions with CreativeOS: 500 trendy banner templates!

How does CreativeOS work? Once you create an account, you gain access to tens of different templates, each one in two formats – one for feeds and one for stories. You can save your favorite templates to your library. When you have the template you want to use, you can easily copy it with just one click to Figma or Canva, where you can later adjust the banner to fit your products or services. This can significantly optimize and speed up your testing process!

CreativeOS Tool Pricing

If you’re wondering about the price of the CreativeOS tool, the subscription starts at $49 per month for basic access with a library of 250+ templates.

4. “ChatGPT”: How to elevate your Meta Ads account with AI?

ChatGPT has become a tool many of us started using daily in 2023. Not only can it significantly improve our work on Meta ads, but it can also assist us in research and generating full copies. The paid subscription plan also offers a range of data analysis options. Let’s delve into how it can support us in our daily work and make our lives easier.

ChatGPT – Your Right-Hand Man in Paid Social

There are countless ways in which ChatGPT, or other AI chats like Bard from Google, can assist you with your daily work on your Meta ads strategy.

  1. Copywriting:
    • Effortlessly generate compelling ad copy tailored to your audience. Establish the type of copy in the prompt by using words like “Story,” “Polarization,” “Entertainment,” “Catchy,” “Funny,” etc. Use it for copy, headlines, or messaging on your banners or videos.
    • Overcome writer’s block with AI-powered creativity.
  2. Reviews Analysis:
    • Analyze customer reviews with ChatGPT to find out what people love about the brand or product.
    • Extract sentiments and insights to inform your ad messaging.
    • An example prompt that can help analyze the emotions and triggers that stand behind reviews:

Sample output from Bard chat, after using the above prompt

  1. Script Ideas for UGC:
    • Easily generate engaging scripts for user-generated content. Provide an example of scripts and structure to get the best results.
  2. Brand and Competitors Research:
    • With ChatGPT’s analytical capabilities, conduct in-depth research on brands and competitors. Ask about links, USPs, similar brands, etc., to get inspiration for your ads.
  3. Identifying Key Selling Points for a Product:
    • Utilize ChatGPT to identify and articulate the key selling points of your product. Use it while crafting any copy or video ideas.

Integrate ChatGPT seamlessly into your daily routine for Meta ads—it really pays off! From brainstorming ideas to refining ad copy, this AI-powered tool serves as your virtual assistant, ensuring your advertising efforts are not just efficient but also highly effective.

ChatGPT pricing

ChatGPT is free in a basic version.

Meta Ads nowadays – Choosing the right tools to improve your work

As you can see, the world of Meta ads is evolving rapidly, and numerous tools can optimize and support your work. To avoid getting lost in the array of tools, we’ve provided you with four examples that can take your Meta ads, specifically on Facebook and Instagram, to new heights. Which tools do you rely on and use to craft Meta ads on a daily basis?

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