Our main service is to make your business thrive.

As a digital growth agency having its roots in performance marketing we understand how popular ad platforms work and how to manage them to drive sufficient revenue. Over the years, we needed to adapt to the omni-channel world of advertising.

But it’s not about using all available solutions to deliver results. It’s about knowing what mixture works best. And that’s what we do for you.

How it works?

Every project in .mta has the same 5-step flow since the first contact. It’s crucial to know your business, understand the market situation and execute the best strategy.


Your needs

Our co-operation starts before we even sign a deal. Discovery call helps us understand your business, challenges and goals you’d like to achieve. A 30 min. meeting is all we need to gather all the necessary information for our team of specialists.



Every piece of information gathered on a discovery call is later directed to our business strategist, that has a responsibility of finding the best mix of channels for maximum efficiency within the budget. This is when the long term strategy is created, based not only on our experience, but also on industry vertical reports and insights found on the Web.



Reaching performance efficiency in our marketing channels unlocks the core of our cooperation: a true alignment of digital marketing with your business goals. Refining strategies and constant optimization of our tactics make your whole company grow in harmony.



At this stage of our co-operation, we’re focusing on optimization – pay less for the same effect as before. After a few weeks we have enough data to know where the true quality lies, and what to cut from your digital marketing machine. No reason to maintain investment in inefficient actions.



After the deal is signed, there’s no obstacles to start executing strategy, presented earlier to you. Every channel, every tag and every member of the project needs to be prepared with the highest care to ensure the most efficient start of our actions.

Curious about our impact? Explore the details in our case studies



Novakid was a start-up looking for ways to grow in Poland. They’re now a leading English online school for kids in the whole world.



SGB-Bank’s reached their goals of raising brand awareness and driving plenty of new installs to their new mobile app with us.



GetResponse needed help in organizing their campaign structure and digital marketing processes. With us, they decreased management time by 20%



GymBeam’s ecommerce needed strong presence on a new market and profitable campaigns in Google. We’ve doubled their ad spend, while reaching ROI above 100%.

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