We are the perfect match for people who want to grow

Calling all digital enthusiasts! Step into a one-of-a-kind place crafted by a bunch of marketing geeks with a huge love for all things innovative and digital!

Your ideas matter!

Skills? Yep, they’re essential. But it’s our people that make the difference. Here, you’ll influence your growth and contribute to our shared vision. We thrive together because we know that people, and their ideas, make the magic happen. No more lousy Mondays! Get ready to change the way you think about the work you do.

The only teal
digital agency

…or at least, we haven’t come across any others 🙂

Teal Management in a nutshell? It’s hard to summarise in just a few lines, but here’s a teaser: imagine no boss dictating your every move, just a team atmosphere where everyone’s voice is valued. Add to that complete financial transparency – no under-the-table shenanigans.

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Our pillars are shining teal

01You're your own boss

We focus on self-management. No bossing around (really, we have no “boss”, but a group of team leaders), and our flat structure ensures that no one’s growth is capped by traditional authority.

Our ideal crew? People driven by passion and direction. We give you the space to create your own team dynamics and steer the organisation’s path. Got a brilliant idea? Make it happen!

02Skill up, earn up!

Asking the boss for a bump in pay? Nah, not our style.

We’ve got a basic minimum fee, but what really motivates us is the legendary “performance”, which is the amount exceeding our regular fee. The team working on a project shares 70% of the revenue from each invoice.

It’s simple: the more you develop your skills, the more you contribute to projects, the bigger your slice of the revenue pie.

03All cards on the table!

Always felt interested about your salary, income from a project, and other stuff that was always hidden, but everyone was gossiping about that? Say no more, we’re way past that. Almost every piece of information is readily available in our organization. All you need to do is ask.

Secret earnings or behind-the-scenes deals? It’s not our style.

04All we need is growth

Working with us means you can explore different areas of the digital world and gain new insights every day. Everyone has the luxury of deciding which projects they want to manage and what skills to develop, as long as results are achieved and the team is happy.

Who knows what new things you might find in an undiscovered corner of the digital world?

05No fluff, all stuff

We’re all about bringing value – to both our clients and ourselves. It’s about having each other’s backs, doing our best, keeping our word and being together when it counts.

Every move we make has got to mean something. Before diving in, we always ask, “How can we help?” rather than “What can we sell?”

06You'll never walk alone

Yeah, yeah, every agency has that, right? But when you’re working in a transparent, flat-structured team it truly has a different vibe and flow.

From the 1st day of work, you’ll probably never be lonely to work on a task, project or internal role. We’re taking care of that, as your colleagues.

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