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Audioteka, a Polish audiobook and podcast streaming platform, was struggling to reach a younger audience on TikTok. Our creative strategy helped Audioteka with a successful TikTok launch, including native content, targeted ad campaigns, and diverse video styles with different goals.

Within 12 months, Audioteka’s TikTok account gained over 38.9k followers and generated high engagement with their videos. Some of the most engaging videos included a guessing game about audiobook titles, fun interpretations of well-known titles, and videos to encourage subscription.

Thanks to our collaboration, Audioteka has become the leading TikTok account in the Polish audiobook and podcast industry.

Team involved

Magdalena Kosterkiewicz

Creative Project Manager

Hubert Grygielewicz

Project Manager, TikTok Specialist

Agnieszka Rapacz

Creative Designer

Adam Wawrzyniak

TikTok Specialist

Dominika Morka

Creative Designer


Audioteka, a prominent audiobook and podcast streaming platform, was at a turning point in its marketing strategy. Their brand had never ventured into the world of TikTok, and this was causing a disconnect with a crucial audience segment – the younger demographic.

Audioteka had previously focused on an older demographic. However, our creative and community team identified significant untapped potential in younger audiences. In response, we created and executed a strategic launch plan for TikTok, recognizing its crucial role in engaging with these younger users. The key challenge was to tailor Audioteka’s marketing approach to the platform’s unique language and trending styles.

About the brand

Audioteka is a leading audiobook and podcast streaming platform in Poland, providing users with subscription-based access to a vast library of audiobooks and podcasts. The platform’s existing success with older demographics was undeniable, but there was a clear need to expand its reach to resonate with the younger generation.

The strategy and solution

Our team devised a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap and bring Audioteka into the world of TikTok. The strategy encompassed:

  1. Creating a TikTok Presence

    Audioteka’s first step was to establish an official account on TikTok. This enabled them to directly engage and interact with the younger audience through a medium where they were most active.

  2. Content Creation for TikTok

    To thrive on TikTok, Audioteka needed content that was native to the platform. .mta content creators took the lead in recording organic videos crafted specifically for the platform. These videos had to be not only entertaining but also aligned with the fast-paced, trendy nature of TikTok.

  3. Creative Ideas for TikTok Videos

    .mta didn’t just create videos; we came up with unique and engaging concepts that would capture the attention of the younger audience. These ideas were tailored to the current TikTok trends, ensuring that the content felt organic and in tune with the platform’s culture.

  4. Ad Campaigns Targeting the Younger Audience

    Our Paid Social team ran targeted ad campaigns using the creatives produced in-house with our creative team. The campaigns aimed at not only increasing brand awareness but also driving specific actions, such as app installs. The optimization process ensured that the ads resonated with TikTok users and delivered meaningful results.

  5. Diverse Video Styles and Goals

    We recognized the need for using a variety of content to achieve different goals. Some videos focused on driving conversions — app installs, while others aimed at boosting engagement through comments and follower growth. This helped us meet our target and expand our social media community.

Our results

The collaboration between Audioteka and .mta’s creative+social team has yielded remarkable results and transformed Audioteka’s position in the world of TikTok.

  1. Strong Client Relationship:

    Our .mta team and Audioteka have established a strong and trust-based partnership throughout the collaboration. This trust is rooted in the remarkable results we’ve achieved together within a relatively short period, as well as our knowledge of social media trends – especially on TikTok. We’ve guided the Audioteka team in terms of TikTok and creative approach. We’ve proposed different angles and ideas along the way, meeting our collaborators halfway until we’ve reached the stage where we trust each other’s intuition and knowledge.

  2. Leading TikTok Account

    With our support, Audioteka has risen to become the leading TikTok account in their industry. They now surpass all their main competitors on the platform, which was not something the client thought was within our reach. For a few months, we’d been climbing the numbers and waiting for this milestone to be achieved. Needless to say, this made both the client and our team tremendously satisfied.

  3. Growing Audience

    The Client’s TikTok account has amassed over 38.9K followers within 12 months, and this number continues to grow monthly. We managed to surpass the biggest competition in terms of the follower count and we’ve built that audience from 0, focusing on hook-led creatives from the beginning of 2023. This number is a great testament to how our collaboration blossomed since the beginning of the year.


  4. Viral Visibility

    All of the videos produced by our team have exceeded over 7 million views, a testament to the effectiveness of our creative strategy and approach. Our goal throughout our collaboration with Audioteka was and still is to create videos that fit the TikTok narrative and trends. We want the younger audience on TikTok to relate to our videos, and to perceive the brand as up-to-date with trends and social media platforms.

  5. High Engagement

The videos we’ve created have attracted a high level of engagement, evident in the number of comments and excitement from viewers. The videos that generated the highest engagement from the community were engaging our followers in a little game, where they had to guess the titles of the (audio)books. The videos were shot in a very organic way, handheld, with a casual, effortless approach. The aim was to get users excited.

High Engagement — example 1

In this appealing video, we’ve combined the power of the title’s virality (Rodzina Monet [The Monet Family]) and a trending idea with an engaging guessing game. This video resulted in very high engagement from the users, gaining 1,379 comments and 1.1 million views. This video also contributed to a big increase in followers – 2,733 from this video alone.

Zgadniecie co to za książka po fragmencie audiobooka? ✨ Dajcie znać w komentarzu ile fragmentów potrzebowaliście! #booktokpolska #zgadnijksiążkę #bookrecommendations #audiobookpl

♬ oryginalny dźwięk – -

High Engagement — example 2

In this example, we decided to play a little and make a funny video about an interesting Audioteka title “Wypiór”, where a middle-aged couple going through a marital crisis is accompanied by Adam Mickiewicz (probably the most famous Polish poet) who is a vampire. The concept of the video was to show users the “proof” that Adam Mickiewicz is indeed a vampire (probably not, but you never know! ;)) 233 users saved this video for later and 572 users shared this video with their friends. This video also generated the second biggest increase in the number of our followers – 2,789.

High Engagement — example 3

Another video of ours “I hear voices” draw the attention of 5,461 new followers which is the biggest number of followers gained through a single video on the account


38.9K followers within 12 months

Over 7 million views

Strong Client Relationship


The collaboration between Audioteka and our team at .mta not only bridged the generational gap in their marketing strategy but also elevated Audioteka to a prominent position on TikTok. This journey demonstrates the power of understanding and embracing new platforms and adapting marketing strategies to engage effectively with different audience segments.

Audioteka’s TikTok transformation is not just a story of digital marketing success; it’s a testament to the innovative and creative approach Audioteka trusted us to take, where we’re able to meet the unique needs of the younger demographic group on TikTok.


Partnering with MTA was a game-changer for us! Their strategies, informed by an in-depth understanding of TikTok trends and data analysis, have played a key role in our growth. This collaboration has been smooth, leading to a significant rise in our follower count. The .mta team, with their commitment to data-driven growth, has been instrumental in enhancing our position in the Polish audiobook and podcast industry on TikTok. Our success is a clear result of this effective and data-oriented partnership.

Martyna Wysokińska
Social Media Specialist, Audioteka

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