Break Through the Crowd with Creative Marketing Strategy

Building brand’s image using Creative Strategy

Creation does not always need to be pretty, but it has to be effective. And we can determine whether it’s effective based on data. It’s crucial to remember that Creative Strategy is way more than just pretty graphics, it’s an integral part of marketing strategy. It is very difficult to achieve the best results with your campaigns if Creative Strategy is not involved in the process.

That’s where .mta’s experts come in. We are perfectly positioned to assist companies in crafting and implementing powerful creative strategies. By understanding business needs and consumer behavior we deliver solutions that maximize marketing impact and return on your investment.

Effective Budget Allocation and Impact Measurement

Thanks to Creative Strategy and testing, the CMO and CEO know what works best and they can allocate their budgets more efficiently. Thanks to appropriate creations, they can scale the results and measure the impact of communication of their campaigns, which can be very important in brand communication.


A creative strategy sets a product or service apart from its competitors, establishing a unique and memorable identity in a crowded marketplace. The key is to plan a strategy that explores different paths and leads the brand towards communication that serves business goals best.

Perceived Value

Creative strategies can enhance the perceived value of a product or service, making it seem more desirable or of higher quality to consumers.

Increased Visibility

A stand-out advertising campaign built on a creative strategy can increase the visibility of the brand, helping it reach a larger audience. A good creative strategy helps optimize creative processes and the profitability of campaigns.

Data-Driven Actions

We don’t create designs just because they look nice or because we feel like they might be cool. Despite being a highly artistic and creative field, we operate based on research and hard data that help us create content more efficiently.

Long-Term Success

A creative and memorable advertising campaign can have long-term benefits for a brand’s success, helping it maintain relevance and appeal over time.

Wondering what we can do for you in Creative Strategy?

Here’s a list of services that our creatives experts have mastered to the highest standards

Creative Strategy and Execution

  • Preparation of Creative Strategy with the implementation of Test4Performance.
  • Creation preparation (UGC videos, statics, animations).
  • Creative Analysis — evaluation of the brand’s previous creations, their branding, visibility, communication style, etc.
  • Planning creative activities based on data, knowledge, as well as the client’s calendar.
  • Detailed briefs that can serve as direct instructions for preparing creations for the client’s internal team.
  • Support from the Strategist and Graphic Designer.
  • Analysis of achieved results, reporting, and iteration planning.
  • Reports and creating dedicated live dashboards for creatives.

Performance-Driven Content Development:

  • Various Formats: Your Performance can come in multiple formats. From static banners and animations to UGC and influencer ads, etc.
  • Data-Driven Approach: The focus is not only on the aesthetics of the ads but also on their sales performance. This indicates what to produce and how to invest your budget.
  • Test4Performance: A process that enables testing and measuring the impact of different formats, content, and technical solutions.
  • Content Creators: Creators can create content for our ads to increase social proof.

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