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About client

SGB-Bank is a leading financial institution in Poland, ranking among the top 15 banks in the country. It serves as a central bank for approximately 170 cooperative banks throughout the nation and is recognized for its blend of strong traditions and cutting-edge solutions, such as mobile payments and a mobile app.

Client goal

Executing new strategy of communication and raising brand awareness about SGB throughout potential customers in Poland.

Team involved

Jakub Bendlewski

Digital Marketing Strategist

Hubert Gryglewicz

Facebook Ads Manager

Marta Janek

Programmatic Manager Project Manager

Klaudia Szlendak

Google Ads Manager


Q4 23’ campaign marked the continuation of all actions taken before with the SGB-Bank team in fighting our way in the competitive banking sector in Poland. It was the first true brand awareness campaign, embracing a new strategy of communication called “That’s the difference!”, showing SGB banks as modern and caring for their nearest neighbourhood, like no other similar institution in the country.

The campaign was prepared together with the GPD Agency, which took care of key visuals, creatives, and TV campaigns. Our job was to promote SGB-Bank new line of communication using digital marketing tools across the Web. The goal was to acquire quality traffic on a new Landing Page, combined with the lowest possible CPM.

Strategy & Execution

Knowing our goals for this campaign, it was obvious we needed to think about 2 approaches working in parallel: driving brand awareness and quality traffic to the new Landing Page.

As usual for this co-operation, we were using 3 channels to achieve our goals: Display & Video 360 – programmatic, Meta Ads and Google Ads. It was crucial to make them work together, that’s why we segmented them based on their role in the funnel:


A place for brand awareness campaigns, including a Brand Lift study and Masthead on YT. It was our main channel of communication, where all display and video assets were used across the entire Google network.

For maximum visibility before Holiday season, we invested in a YT Masthead video ad targeted precisely to SGB’s in-market audiences. Before that, we surveyed the same audiences with a Brand Lift study, wanting to know whether our ads changed their decision to consider SGB-Bank as their choice in the future.


Meta Ads

Meta played a crucial role in our strategy, because it allowed us to reach our target group in one of the most popular platforms among them. We used Video and Reach campaigns, which had a similar role to ones in DV360, but across the Meta environment, which allowed us to present ads pretty much everywhere around the Internet. Thanks to Meta’s focus on interest targeting, we had the opportunity to reach more precise audiences — like family people after 30.

Meta Ads were situated precisely in the middle of the funnel, and various types of campaigns there allowed to achieve multiple goals – efficient reach and cheap conversions on our Landing Page.

Google Ads

Mainly a Google Search Network campaign for brand-related keywords and a Discovery campaign for engagement of the middle part of the funnel. Everyone interested in SGB, even current customers, were able to see the newest line of brand communication thanks to our search ads.

The Discovery campaign was targeted to catch interest of people across Android devices, to draw their attention using a quality placement like Google Discover app. Thanks to these actions, it was possible to drive our potential customer from the top of the funnel (DV360 and Meta) to the bottom.


Brand Lift study 0,9% increase in absolute lift for favorability

Reach: 13 179 726

Impressions: 160 183 873


Our Q4 22’ campaign for SGB-Bank was a success and proved to be a good learning point for the future — for us and our strategic planning, and for the Client and their budget allocation.

The number of impressions, total reach and results from our Brand Lift study showed that 1/3 of the population of Poland saw at least one of our ads about the new image of SGB, which also made some of them reconsider their future choice and favorability towards this company.

This was the biggest campaign in 2022 and gave us 3 core learnings about our strategy for 2023:

  1. Even though we had plenty of display and video assets, the time frame was too short to make the best use of them. That’s why we had the opportunity to use them again in 2023, without making our audiences bored of them.
  2. It’s important to avoid spending too much in a short time. Our actions in 2023 proved much more successful thanks to better allocation of the budget. Additionally, this time we used pre-launch teasers for each of our major campaigns, which naturally extended our campaigns and allowed us to spend the budget in a more efficient way.
  3. There is simply no way to do brand awareness with only 1 channel. Using programmatic and Meta campaigns allowed us to drop CPMs and gain cheaper reach to almost every place in the Internet that SGB’s target group visits.

As mentioned above, we continued our awareness journey with SGB-Bank in 2023, having plenty of new adventures together. See what Hanna, Chief Marketing & Communication Specialist at SGB, thinks about our co-operation.


I am very pleased with the general outcome of our collaboration. We work together several years already and plan to continue this partnership. Thanks to the data gathered by us, we see clearly, that all actions provided by specialists from MTA Digital help us in creating sustainable business. MTA Digital is as far as I am concerned the only teal digital marketing agency providing services on Polish (and international) market. I especially value close collaboration, frequent communication and dialogue. We are free to discuss our ideas and feel safe hearing meritorious feedback. As a person responsible for my companies annual marketing results, I am very pleased with the form of our collaboration.

Hanna Kniołek
Chief Marketing & Communication Specialist, SGB-Bank SA

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