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.mta began collaborating with Multikino, Poland’s largest cinema chain, in 2017. Our focus was to shift Multikino’s marketing from brand awareness to performance marketing. We introduced targeted campaigns using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, resulting in significant improvements in both CPC share and overall user engagement.

Despite initial challenges like lack of historical data, we achieved impressive results. Facebook Ads strategy was revamped, leading to a substantial increase in ad impressions and purchase numbers. The collaboration also navigated through the difficulties posed by the pandemic, with strategies adapting to new market conditions.

By the end of our journey, we had created a lot of campaigns and reached millions, exemplifying the effectiveness of our partnership and strategic approach.

Team Involved

Jarosław Noelle

Project Manager

Dorota Puzio

Google Ads Specialist

Anita Piasecka

Meta Ads Specialist

Marta Kędziora

Meta Ads Specialist

About Multikino

Multikino — part of the Vue International Group, is the largest cinema chain in Poland and has held this status for many years. As of 2022, it has 44 theaters in 37 cities across the country, totaling 316 screens. Multikino’s offerings mainly include film premieres, as well as concerts by world-famous stars, broadcasts of major sports events, operas and ballets, and retransmissions of performances from the British National Theatre.

When .mta began its collaboration with Multikino in 2017, the company’s digital marketing situation was significantly different from what it is today. We present a case study of this collaboration.


What kind of agency was Multikino looking for?

Before we started working with Multikino, their campaigns were primarily focused on building brand awareness. Over time, they decided to concentrate on performance marketing. That’s when they found us. At .mta, we specialize in performance marketing and knew we could meet the challenge. We proposed solutions aimed at changing the direction of the campaigns, relying on tools, testing, and optimization.

Our approach involves transparency, efficient work by specialists and educating our client. As we grow, we want the same for our clients. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on internal training. During our collaboration with Multikino, we conducted several training sessions. We also actively share our knowledge on a daily basis. As a result, competencies grow on both sides – everyone benefits.

When we started working together, we learned the main reason for Multikino’s dissatisfaction. Previous activities were carried out fragmentarily, without a specific plan and without a broad perspective. .mta proposed specific actions based on two platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. .mta specialists working with these technologies suggested effective solutions and a strategy for future actions. From the proposal stage, we knew the direction we wanted to go and what we wanted to achieve. By combining GAD and FBA, we could reach users at different stages of the sales funnel.

As it turned out, our approach yielded the intended results.

First steps

At the very beginning, it wasn’t easy, because Multikino didn’t have data from past activities – the lack of access to advertising accounts and clarity about the scope of past actions were challenging. The first few weeks were spent getting to know Multikino’s internal processes, identifying the most critical actions, and determining what to focus on. Based on the knowledge gained, we were able to implement procedures and solutions that allowed for effective account building.

At the same time, we worked on results, which were initially unsatisfactory (as of October 2017):

  • 3.82% share of CPC in purchase events.
  • 4.39% share of CPC in the number of users.

By optimizing the planning and execution of FBA and GDA campaigns, we reached a satisfactory, high level within a year. The joint efforts of Multikino and MTA became fully effective.

Slowly but surely

We weren’t discouraged. Although we didn’t achieve outstanding results from the beginning, we continually worked on developing the best cooperation model. We brainstormed and searched for new, better-configured, and more efficient ways to run campaigns. Multikino shared their knowledge, observations, and insights with us. They often explained the intricacies of the industry, which enabled us to understand its specifics.

In turn, we taught them how to use tools and developed their knowledge about paid advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We experimented together until our efforts finally paid off. The above data changed during our collaboration, and the current figures are as follows:

  • 5.10% CPC share in purchase events in April 2022.
  • 12.41% CPC share in the number of users in April 2022.

Google Ads

In Google Ads activities, we mainly rely on the Search Network and Display Network. Thanks to various types of targeting, we can reach anyone potentially interested in watching a movie in cinema.

Of course, not every movie that enters Multikino screens is promoted on Google Ads. We run permanent, one-time, and seasonal campaigns, just like on Facebook.

By verifying keywords and effective targeting, we continuously improve campaign results. Last year, we changed the campaign structure in the Search Network from SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) to STAG (Single Topic Ad Group). We also use the latest campaign types, such as Performance Max, which works great – in June 2022, it generated 62.33% of purchases on the account.

We also use DSA (dynamic search ads) ad groups, which allow us to keep up with all new productions. Even if we don’t run a campaign dedicated to a specific title.

The progress we have made on the account over the years is well illustrated by the chart below. Over the years, we have significantly reduced the cost per unit purchase on the site, even by 68.78% (comparing January 2018 – April 2022).


Facebook Ads

In June 2019 we took over another area of activity on Facebook – so-called “boosting.” For the uninitiated, boosting involves turning organic content (posts, news from the page, etc.) into advertisements. As a result, the entire scope of advertising activities on Facebook has been under our control since then. By comparing May 2019 with April 2022, we managed to achieve the following results:

  • 32.32% more Multikino ad impressions,
  • our actions reached 11,406,613 people,
  • an increase in the number of purchases by 17.46% (during this period, there was a change in the attribution model used on the Facebook Ads account from 28 days after clicking + 1 day after viewing to 7 days after clicking and 1 day after viewing).

Although boosted posts are usually campaigns with a goal focused on traffic (or video plays/post engagement), we consistently generate ticket sales for events organized by Multikino with their help. This is a positive aspect that supports our sales efforts.

At the same time, we generate more traffic to the site, which helps us create broader remarketing lists (on which our sales activities are primarily based), and also avoid overlapping audience groups.

One of .mta’s greatest achievements is the consistent reduction of purchase costs while increasing the number of purchases.

During FBA activities (comparing January 2018 to April 2022), we achieved the following results:

  • Over 401.53% more purchases period to period.

Despite budget increases and a much larger number of sales, the cost per unit purchase decreased by 54.70% from period to period.

The scale of actions taken in numbers

3 711 Campaigns

509 002 Ads

4 267 Ad Sets

146 153 Ad Groups

184 577 Keywords

Average ad visibility reached 9.79 views per person

Other challenges and how we managed to overcome them together?

The biggest challenge during our collaboration was the pandemic period. During this time, the safety measures implemented to curb COVID-19, which included lockdowns and restrictions on the cinema industry, hit the public screening sector hardest, causing a 90% drop in revenue in Europe. Due to the global crisis, we had to pause advertising activities for several months (March 2022 – August 2022) since Multikino was forced to close their facilities.

This break affected the results after resuming operations when cinemas were allowed to operate with restrictions. It was necessary to rebuild the client’s position practically from scratch, which we achieved. Our progress during the pandemic can be illustrated by analyzing the change in GADs conversion costs:

  • In November 2020, the cost per website purchase was 16.32 PLN.
  • In June 2022, this cost was reduced to 2.25 PLN.

What have we achieved during the collaboration?

.mta’s collaboration with Multikino is based on transparency, activity, knowledge sharing, and continuous optimization of results. We are extremely fortunate to have found people on their side who are highly competent and eager to learn, test, and develop together. Thanks to this, we could always count on their support and the opportunity to implement our ideas. It is indeed a cooperation with, not just “working for” somebody. We wish everyone such fruitful collaborations!

I was impressed with the effectiveness of campaigns.

Elżbieta Polkowska
Manager, Multikino

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