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Sneak Peek

At the time when we started talking to Novakid, we could not imagine the scale with which we would end up just a mere year later. At first, we didn’t think this project would grow so much. And yet, a few months of hard work, scaling up the results, and constant search for new ideas and ways to develop, has paid off. Throughout our cooperation with Novakid, we spent over 4,000 hours on the project and entered 9 new markets. If you want to know how we developed this project – keep reading!

Team Involved

Piotr Ostapkowicz

Project Manager, Facebook Ads Specialist

Oliwia Paciorek

Project Manager 2, UX Specialist

Jarosław Noelle

Google Ads Specialist, Programmatic Specialist

Damian Koniuszy

Analytical Specialist,

Jakub Zimny

Project Manager

Joanna Sałgut

Google Ads Specialist, Content Manager

Paweł Skibiński

Social Ads Specialist

Julia Cwojdzińska

Digital content Specialist

Wiktoria Talbierz

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Adrian Borzęcki

Affiliation Specialist, Google Ads Specialist

What was Novakid looking for and why did they choose us?

They were convinced not only by our fresh ideas for development, but above all by our openness, flexibility, ease of communication and honesty in relationships. As it turned out, these are the values that Novakid appreciates most.

What is Novakid?

Novakid also has an extremely interesting approach to learning. It focuses on combining traditional teaching methods with fun. During classes, children sing, draw and even dance! But that is not all. The modern approach also involves introducing elements of play, and students have the opportunity to take part in lessons using VR technology. The startup itself is also about developing their own AI, which will help customers, but also Novakid employees. Their offer definitely stands out from other schools and its promotion was an interesting challenge for us.


Steady beginnings of cooperation

Initially, nothing seemed to indicate what happened afterwards. We started working with Novakid in early February 2019. At the beginning, activities were limited to only run paid campaigns on Facebook and Google platforms. Additionally, we focused mainly on acquiring leads. Of course, the only country in which we were operating was Poland.

We started slowly. However, the results were promising from the very beginning. It turned out that Novakid is a demanding customer who is not used to resting on its laurels. That is why we were asked to improve the results of our activities each week. Over time, ideas on expanding our operations to platforms different from just Facebook and Google started to coming up. After the first months, we had to change the direction of our activities and start working much more creatively and conceptually than before.

First tests and new challenges

After the initial market review and opportunity research, we entered the testing phase. First went platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Twitter and Snapchat. The client felt the need for increased awareness activities, while the Facebook search and Google advertising network were not enough for him.
This stage fell on the pre-holiday and holiday period. It turned out to be a time of intensive work for us not only in the field of PPC, but also digital marketing in its broadest sense. The client needed fresh ideas, tests and was looking for more effective solutions. The period of July and August brought slight drops in results – caused by the seasonality of the industry. Therefore, we provided another benefit, which in the long run would turn out to be equally valuable.

We begin helping out Novakid on other levels. We started by consulting and advising on how to optimize operations in other markets, such as Germany, Spain and France. In addition, we also dealt with graphic design requests. One of the members of the Novakid’s specialists group is also AGS’ team leader – a team that deals with graphics design within the whole organization. However, this was not the end of our cooperation. About mid-August, we took over the activities in Spain – both on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Start of cooperation in the field of influencer marketing

While we were looking for new paths of development for the project, we started to work in the field of influencer marketing. It soon turned out that Novakid is willing to cooperate in this field as well – that is why we started looking for suitable influencers. We were mainly looking for women, and mothers, who could test Novakid and then review them on e.g. Insta Stories.

This kind of approach turned out to be a great success. Since Novakid offers services aimed at children, parents may need a stronger social proof than other types of products or services. Influencers recommending Novakid were satisfied with the classes, so their materials inspired more mothers and fathers to enroll their kids as well.

Additionally, we also needed new creations, showing the parents’ opinions as well as showing the children development. Thanks to the combination of Facebook Ads and materials prepared by the influencers, we managed to create engaging creations, and what is more important – the creations that converted.

Analysing the effectiveness of influencer marketing

In addition to outsourcing specific tasks to the influencers, we also pay attention to analyzing the results. We have built the appropriate processes that connect the specialist with the customer and the influencer’s team. As a result, we were ready for action when this division of our activity expanded to other countries.

Post-holiday de-freeze and intensification of activities

We used holidays as a moment to rethink tactics and rebuild many processes. It turned out to be a successful action… We started to deliver even better results. Anna and Novakid were satisfied, with working with an agency that understands the market and is a flexible partner.

Therefore, the beginning of September was a breakthrough moment for us and for Novakid. When keeping the results at a satisfying level, we started to test the capabilities of other countries. European countries went first, and then exotic markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Korea and Japan have joined them.

As a result, we started to work permanently with European countries. Italy, Romania, Czech Republic – these countries turned out to be extremely appealing destinations for our client.

Has the situation of the global pandemic affected us?

Like probably everyone else, at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, we were not certain of how everything would turn out. Almost immediately we introduced various types of security solutions – both for us and for our customers. However, we knew that in the case of Novakid, the situation at that time could actually become another moment of prosperity. It is difficult to talk about it that way, but in fact – Covid-19 made many people unwilling to leave their homes and decided to move most of their activities indoor or into the digital world.

We have increased our efforts to take advantage of the moment and provide the client with the highest possible value. The initial weeks confirmed our conviction that we are on the right track. We introduced Influencer marketing activities to new markets. We started scaling the activities on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Thanks to previous tests, we had enough data to choose the best and most effective development path.

The results indicated:

  • increase in the number of bookings and lessons sold,
  • decrease the cost per conversion.

Processes that allowed the client to grow and develop

We must admit that Novakid is a project that has become extremely demanding at some point. Several specialists from various fields are involved in it. Thanks to good communication with the client and cooperation based largely on active sharing of inspirations and ideas – we managed to develop the project within less than a year with new markets and completely new fields of digital marketing.

We achieved this by building appropriate processes. We introduced a number of solutions that not only helped us, but above all – the client. Keeping an eye on expenses, monitoring the achievement of goals and milestones, external and internal correspondence, sharing tasks and successes with the team… In order to satisfy the client and act effectively, such a large project must be conducted in a thoughtful manner.

What tools and processes do we use to improve project performance?

A process that we use both internally (reports on weekly activities are provided by fields’ managers to the PM in the form of short videos) and in communication with the client. Thanks to this we have control over the activities carried out and the client is kept up to date with the progress of work.

We use Asana for daily task management. It enables us to track how many assignments we are able to complete, how many of them are overdue and what is blocking us. A great convenience is the possibility of conducting communication inside a particular task and dividing the whole project into sections. Access to Asana can also be granted to a client outside the organization.

This Month
Our original Google sheet, which allows you to control costs. We monitor the most important channels (e.g. GSN, GDN, FBA), assign budgets, control costs. PM and other team members do not have to check individual platforms – they have everything in one place.

Checklists have been created mainly for the customer purpose. We wrote down the whole process, divided into platforms and collected it in one file. This allows Novakid to indicate such a plan of action to other agencies they work with.

What results have we achieved for Novakid?

The beginning of our cooperation did not promise that we will end up here, where we are now. However, we managed to expand our contacts with the customer and prove our value.

What determined our “success”?

Novakid was looking for a specific agency. First of all, the agency that will be from Poland, knows our habits, characteristics, approach to teaching and advertising itself. Moreover, we gained trust through:

  • Flexibility – with this project we proved that usually most of the obstacles result from not looking for solutions effectively. After building a team that is characterized by diversified skills, you can provide the client with the values he needs.
  • Going beyond the client’s expectations – through flexibility and a large knowledge base, we have often exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of the tasks we perform. Such actions made us an extension of the marketing department, taking an active part in key marketing decisions of the client.
  • Ease of communication – because Anna and the whole Novakid team often have a lot of ideas and want to actively participate in the project, maintaining healthy communication is essential. By using different contact channels (WhatsApp, Asana, e-mail, chats), we have always been able to answer questions and help solve problems.
  • Knowledge of many digital areas – because at MTA we don’t just close ourselves off to PPC, we are also able to advise the client in areas that are not considered core to PPC.
  • Innovation – even when the results are more than satisfactory, we always try to find new solutions and ways to improve.
  • Openness to customer ideas – as we mentioned, Novakid is a unique customer because their ingenuity and constant willingness to test is above average. We have always tried to approach the project with an open mind. If something wasn’t fully worked out from our perspective, we came to the optimal solution together.


However, all this would not have been possible without Novakid’s proactive attitude. They allowed us to test and try out new solutions. We received trust, time and opportunity. Thanks to this, we are able to constantly develop and scale the results.

There is no need to fool ourselves – we have come a long way with Novakid! From Facebook and Google Ads only in one country, we currently serve 5 countries on a permanent basis, supporting the others in consulting and graphic activities.

During the cooperation, we managed to work together in areas:

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter, Programmatic, Taboola

Influencer Marketing, Snapchat


UX, CRO,Analytics: Creating landing pages, Conducting A/B tests

Content marketing: Running a blog, Creating blog posts

Help with implementing new people directly into the Novakid team


If you are also interested in cooperating with us – please write to us. Or maybe you want to join the team? Let us know and we’ll certainly get along!


They’re professional, and they know the best approach to get the results we need.
The efforts have helped grow traffic for the business significantly, more than doubling their customer base. The MTA Digital team has been a reliable, trusted partner, continually satisfying expectations and improving their efforts. Customers can expect a dedicated, skilled team. 

Anna Tolstochenko
CMO, Novakid Inc.

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