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google marketing platform

Better results online in Your advertising activities.

Our main focus is on the following areas: Search Engine Marketing, Display (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Marketing Platform), Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation. We’re experts at engaging audiences & converting clicks to customers.

What makes us different?

Partnership with our customers

We don’t work for our customers – we cooperate with them.

We are looking for partners that we can count on to implement their strategies effectively. On our side, we guarantee quick & professional technical support, access to the newest technologies/tools, regular meetings/calls, and transparency in everything that we do for you.

Performance based team

We are a team that shares up to 80% of the profits among its members!

Not only are we passionate about optimizing online marketing campaigns, but we are also extremely motivated to deliver results to you. Why? Because, besides the fact that Digital Marketing is our passion, we also use a performance based payment system. Our salaries, as specialists, are based on an internal algorithm that takes into account a number of factors. For example, the volume of results delivered, or the quality of the relationship maintained with the customer.

Customer oriented team

Our boss is the customer, not the CEO of our agency!

Each project team reports directly to the customer regarding the results. The minimum number of team members involved in any project is two – a project manager and a specialist. The project manager is responsible for customer relations as well as budget allocation. While the specialist is responsible for all the technical aspects of the project.

Active Counselling

We help our customers with other online technologies that exceed our areas of expertise.

Our goal is to become a trusted digital marketing partner that is able to deliver both the specific services that we specialise in, and also be able to point out and come up with new ideas and solutions to help our customers achieve particular goals.

Knowledge transfer

We show, teach and explain mechanisms of our activities and strategies.

When beginning cooperation with a new partner, we ask that one person will be responsible for maintaining contact with us. They will receive reports and be informed of everything that we’re working on. Experience is not required as we will show & explain all the actions we undertake. In many cases, we achieve a level of concise, flexible and technically sophisticated communication with this person that allows us to quickly launch targeted campaigns with the use of the delivered content.

Flexible communication

We use Google Hangouts, Trello, Asana and Toggl at work, but we also adjust to any software that our customer requires.

Adapting to new software and technology is part of our team culture. Therefore, should our partner require us to use any form of communication that is most familiar, convenient or preferable to them, we will be happy to accommodate their needs.

eMarketing enthusiasts

The team consists of hand picked individuals who are passionate about the work they’re doing.

We thrive on creating intelligent, integrated campaigns and seamless customer journeys. We’re passionate about doing the best work possible and pushing new technologies to the limit. We achieve results to be proud of. As an ambitious team, we set ourselves big goals and will only work with companies when we believe that we can make an undeniable difference to their success.

Regular meetings and calls

The best solution is usually a recurring event in Google Calendar.

Thanks to regular meetings, calls and communication, we are able to dynamically adjust the strategy, come up with new ideas based on current problems or needs, explain our reports or our recent challenges and together discuss the impact our services have had on your business.


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Google Ads & Analytics Certficates


We use the most sophisticated advertising, optimization and analytics technologies on the market.

Google Ads (Search)

We are proficient when it comes to using the numerous options available in Google Search Network including classic sponsored links, RSLA (remarketing search listing ads), DSA (dynamic search ads), price extensions, structured snippets extensions for eCommerce and many more other solutions.

Google Ads (Display)

When creating Google Display Network campaigns, we make use of targeting options such as customer match, customer match similar audience, YouTube remarketing similar audience, dynamic remarketing or engaged remarketing.

Google Ads (YouTube)

When it comes YouTube targeting, we are experienced with the use of affinity audiences, placements (scraped from YouTube search results), interests, topics, keywords and YouTube remarketing to name a few.

Google Ads (Shopping)

Making use of PLA (product listing ads), LIA (local inventory ads), DSA (dynamic search ads), and Youtube Trueview for shopping along with the right targeting methods, we put your products in front of the right people.

Google Ads (Mobile)

We can make your campaigns more efficient by directly targeting mobile users with universal app ads, mobile app installs (Display Network, Search Network including Google Play Search for Android apps or YouTube), mobile app engagement, mobile image/Text/HTML5 ads, call-only ads etc.

Google Analytics

In the world of online marketing it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data. We are great at using Google Analytics and it’s many of related tools eg. GA checker, Google Tag Manager, DataLayer, enhanced eCommerce module, Tag Assistant recording, internal web search, event tracking, content grouping, experiments etc.

Google Tag Manager

Keeping track of everything happening on your pages is essential to understanding where improvements can be made. We make use DataLayer, Triggers, Variables, Built-in variables, form tracking, click tracking, GTM for mobile and others to make sure all valuable information is tracked adequately.

Facebook Ads

Our specialists can devise campaigns to boost page likes, increase website conversions, push for online sales etc. using video ads, image ads and lead generation ads with targeting options such as partner categories, job titles, remarketing, customer lists and lookalike audiences.

Facebook Ads (Instagram)

Our Facebook expertise allows to make use of Instagram to generate image ads, video ads, carousel ads, mobile app install ads and also create mass or local awareness and get high levels of post engagement.

Google Marketing Platform

We also use Google Marketing Platform, which allows us to manage worldwide digital marketing campaigns on DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager (Search and Display Networks).

RTB (Real Time Bidding)

There are a lot advertising platforms out there. Thankfully, we know many of them including Adroll, Go, RTB House, Sociomantic, AppNexus, Chango, Criteo, Fetchback, Google's Doubleclick Bid Manager, Perfect Audience, Retargeter, RocketFuel,, SiteScout.

Other Digital Analytics Tools

We are also experienced using many analytics tools including, but not limited to, Hotjar, VWO, Google Optimize, Mixpanel, Optimizely and HubSpot.

Other eMarketing Tools

We also possess the know-how to make use of many other marketing tools, for example: SpyFu, Ahrefs, Majestic, Similarweb, Semstorm, Semrush, Whatrunswhere, Moz, Raven, Swissmarketing, Adbeat, LiveChat, Facebook Messenger Bots, Tidiochat, Customer and Callpage.


Do you need an analysis of how users behaviour on your mobile aplication? Would you like to track their activities? How often do they come back? Thanks to this professional tool our specialist are able to provide you all the important data about the visitors on your mobile app.


Our organization is intrapreneurship oriented.

This means that:

a) We operate using a performance based system that allows team members to benefit directly (up to 80%) from the projects they’re involved in.

b) Project managers have the opportunity to create their own specialisation team.

c) Part of profits gained from any customers referred to the company thanks to a previous or existing customer, with whom cooperation was a success, are attributed to the project manager who took care of/takes care of that customer.



Thanks to this approach our customers always get extremely motivated team to work with them.



Our clients

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Accomplish your goal with us

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