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An expert in connecting brands with their audiences by identifying the right influencers, I excel at crafting and executing successful influencer campaigns. With a keen eye for emerging social media trends, I drive brand awareness and engagement.

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5 reasons why choosing nano and micro-influencers results in a higher engagement rate

Who are nano and micro-influencers? Nano and micro-influencers are the social media game changers operating with smaller but highly engaged audiences. Nano-influencers boast followings of up to 10,000, while micro-influencers command audiences between 10,000 and 100,000. These individuals often focus on specific niches, passionately sharing their expertise and talents, which fosters a strong sense of […]

Influencer Engagement Rate – why is this factor so important?

Why is Influencer Engagement Rate so important? Understanding the level of engagement among influencer’s followers provides valuable insights. In a crowded space with lots of posts, only influencers who are good at making engaging content get regular responses and feedback from their followers. Influencer’s Engagement Rate isn’t just a one-time thing, as it shows if […]

How influencer marketing can affect company growth?

The key impacts that Influencer Marketing can have on your company’s growth include: Increased brand awareness Established high engagement rates Increased sales Targeted reach to specific audiences Budget and cost savings Through the years, Influencer Marketing and its trends have completely changed. The very first Influencer Marketing actions, which I deliberately refrain from calling “campaigns”, […]