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Pillars | Transparency

What does transparency mean for .mta? At the core of our values, we’re all about honesty and transparency. No sugar-coating or hidden intentions here. Our approach is to be straightforward and truthful to our clients, as well as to those who work with us. Our services come with no hidden agenda. Time is precious to […]

Pillars | Value First

Imagine a scenario where every day you find yourself doing things you don’t believe in, where you have to sell something that doesn’t resonate with you, or deliver a project you feel could be much better… That kind of work style is a nightmare – not only does it demotivate, but it also hinders growth. […]

Pillars | Support

Mutual support as a foundation of the organization… … yeah, yeah, just like at every agency, right? But when you’re working in a transparent, flat-structured team it truly has a different vibe and flow. From the 1st day of work, you’ll probably never be only one to work on a task, project or internal role. […]

From Idea to Culture: The .mta Story of Teal Organization

The Background While navigating the complex world of corporations and businesses, .mta founder Rado Kmita often found himself reflecting on his own responses to various goals, ideas and changes in the workplace. As he interacted with colleagues and observed the dynamics of the workplace, he realized that while financial incentives were important, there was a […]

Pillars | Performance

What is the “Performance Model” at .mta? Simply put, you define your own salary. Sounds crazy and unreal, right? But it’s true. Let’s understand how it works in practice. The foundation From the first PPC team to several specialized teams across different areas of expertise (like SEO, Web Development or Web Analytics) – there was […]

Growing Together: Our Role System’s Journey

Our Unique Approach Traditional business structures often resemble a pyramid, with a single authority figure at the top saying what needs to be done and when. However, at .mta, we made a bold decision to stray away from this conventional model. Our organization thrives on a flat management approach. This doesn’t imply a lack of […]

Pillars | Portfolio Flexibility & Growth

Picture this: You’re a digital marketing expert, or you’re just dipping your toes into the field. You’ve got a job in a company, and it’s going pretty well. As time goes on, you’re gaining experience, but you’re also becoming more interested in other areas beyond your current specialization. What’s your plan? You invest time in […]

Values that Resonate: Crafting a Cohesive Workplace Culture

In today's rapidly shifting professional landscape, organizational values are no longer just words on a wall. They've evolved to be the driving force behind the culture of any workspace. The expectations from a workplace have grown beyond just monetary compensation. People seek alignment – a synergy between their beliefs and the values of the organization they work for.