From idea to culture: The .mta story of teal organization

The background

While navigating the complex world of corporations and businesses, .mta founder Rado Kmita often found himself reflecting on his own responses to various goals, ideas and changes in the workplace. As he interacted with colleagues and observed the dynamics of the workplace, he realized that while financial incentives were important, there was a deeper need for changes in management strategies.

Rado was particularly intrigued by the concept of working together as a ‘tribe’ rather than just another faceless corporation. He believed that such a team dynamic could potentially revolutionize work performance. Driven by this insight and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Rado set out to build an organization that would stand apart from the conventional corporate mold. At the heart of his vision was a system rooted in fairness: an equitable distribution of responsibilities, revenues and costs, coupled with shared decision-making and a collective voice in shaping the working environment.

And so it all began.

The idea

We began with a simple notion: an organization should prioritize growth and prosperity for all, not just the executives or the board members. Our vision was to create and refine a timeless framework that will allow us to gather entrepreneurial, innovative, and engaged individuals in our organization. People who will experiment and learn to work smarter and better together, in order to create the most comfortable working conditions possible. People who will share with us the results of their work and responsibilities. This is our journey towards becoming a teal organization.

We wanted .mta to be like this. Later we learned that our approach is already known as the ‘teal organization’. It all started with the idea that an organization should support development and strive for prosperity for all its members equally, not just for the president or management. We wanted to create a really friendly working environment where we could do things that would make us feel positive and where we could do our work well.

Radek Kmita — Founder of .mta


How do you start building a holocracy-based organisation?
What is the concept of happiness points in the workplace? Listen to our podcast where Rado Kmita, founder of .mta, shares his experience, knowledge and perspective. Listen here!



The values

We started as a small group of enthusiastic marketing geeks driven by a shared desire to create something fresh and unique on our own terms. We didn’t have defined roles or responsibilities; instead, we embraced a flexible approach where each of us took on whatever tasks were required, constantly learning and growing along the way. What united us was not just friendship, but also a strong emphasis on personal development and a deep passion for marketing.

  • Transparency – ****ensuring that every aspect of our operations remains fully visible and accessible to all. From staffing and budget changes to project costs and revenues, nothing is hidden. Our primary goal has always been to eliminate any trace of discretionary compensation and foster an environment where every team member is on an equal footing. By embracing total transparency, we strive to build a culture of trust and openness that allows everyone to review and validate our efforts.
  • Meritocracy – In embracing the concept of meritocracy, we have practiced distributed decision-making, enabling a comprehensive approach to organizational management. Recognizing the value of experience and expertise, we wholeheartedly trust individuals to take on responsibilities, unafraid to delegate authority to those best suited for the task. As a result, numerous dynamic teams have emerged within .mta, each led by passionate individuals who excel in their respective areas.

At .mta, we firmly believe in providing every individual with the opportunity to grow at their own pace, under conditions that suit their unique needs. To promote a culture of development and competence, we have moved away from the conventional notion of rigid ‘positions’ and predetermined salaries. Instead, we focus on rewarding personal growth and proficiency, fostering an environment where everyone can flourish and reach their full potential.

The team

From a small team of motivated enthusiasts to a team that collectively connects all the dots of digital marketing – this has been our journey so far. With over 70 passionate members, we have united the many arms of digital marketing under one roof, such as Paid Ads, SEO, Web Analytics, CRO or Web Development. Our love for marketing and unwavering commitment to growth is still as alive today as it was then. We have created a vibrant and friendly workplace where creativity thrives and collaboration knows no bounds. Driven by our insatiable curiosity, we venture into unexplored areas of the digital world, always hungry for new discoveries.

Paulina Kwapisz HR Specialist I'm all about people, always looking out for their well-being and the overall vibe at the office. While interested in psychology, I prefer fantasy novels over self-help books and value hands-on experience more than theoretical knowledge. Besides, I'm boosting my knowledge in employer branding and marketing. What I can't stand are the sounds of cotton being torn apart, ugly and sloppy graphics and presentations. Which is why I'm often the one adding the final touches to them.

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