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Mutual support as a foundation of the organization…

… yeah, yeah, just like at every agency, right? But when you’re working in a transparent, flat-structured team it truly has a different vibe and flow.

From the 1st day of work, you’ll probably never be only one to work on a task, project or internal role. We’ll take care of that, as your colleagues.

Backstory – how is it different in .mta?

Our organization was founded in 2015, as a small startup, where a few people needed to trust one another in every way possible. There was no Financial Officer, no Executive Officer, no Senior Specialists from every field of digital marketing. Everyone was doing a little bit of everything – that’s a common thing for every startup. No differences yet.

But combine it with our other pillars, like flat structure and transparency, which last to this day. This is where the party starts…

As explained in our other article, there is no bossing around in our organization – everyone has a certain role, and we all try to build a healthy, coherent, and well-oiled machine, where every piece matters just as much as the others. Remove one part of this machine and suddenly it starts leaking. This tiny part, left by its own, is no longer useful and the entire machine is falling apart. We simply can’t let that happen.

How does mutual support work in practice at .mta?

So, to sum it all up, .mta is a team of over 70 marketing lovers, co-existing in the environment of:

  • flat structure – no boss, everyone has equal rights
  • entrepreneurship – you’re responsible for your own portfolio and revenue
  • transparency – no hidden information or data about the company

These 3 pillars necessitate the existence of a 4th pillar – mutual support.

On the same wave

You cannot grow the organization without the support of others, who share the same ideas and values. And because we believe that everything can be learned, we build our team by choosing people who share our organizational values.

Never alone

You cannot develop any Role without the support of others, who share this responsibility with you. That’s why we are helping each other out, both in good times and in bad. We share our knowledge and experience, and we help each other avoid overloading and put out fires when needed.

You can do it

You cannot develop your skills without the support of others, who encourage you to reach new heights, new projects. That’s why the ability to delegate responsibility is incredibly important to us. But for that to happen in a team, there must be trust, and we trust each other from the start. Thanks to this, we can develop and take on new challenges.

We’ve all been there

You cannot expand your portfolio and revenue without the support of others who’ve been there before and faced the same troubles as you do. That’s why we strongly believe in meritocracy. We encourage experienced people to share their knowledge with others, so that everyone can learn and grow. Do you not know what next steps to take in the project? We will conduct a Value First brainstorm with the whole team and together we will find solutions.

Straight to the point

You cannot improve yourself without the support of others, who share honest feedback. Honest feedback and an empathetic approach are essential for healthy communication and creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We believe that all feedback, even negative one, is important for building strong relationships in a team where everyone knows where they stand.

How does it work in practice?

There are several events, processes, and rules that support… the idea of mutual support, such as:

  • HR Buddy – a dedicated person working as an “older friend” supporting new people joining our organization.
  • Internal workshops – regarding the latest trends and important topics from our areas of expertise.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly meetings – via Google Meet, binding teams in their areas of interest.
  • Work-life balance – we’re encouraging a healthy balance in our lives, that’s why we’ve developed a 7-hour workday with the standard holiday system.
  • Appreciation/evaluation surveys – helping us understand what other members of the organization think about us and our work.
  • Quarterly team parties – with no formal program, focused on binding us all together to the rhythm of popular songs.
  • HR checkups – always with a hand on the pulse, our HR team is on the lookout for your wellbeing.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We’re all about mutual support here at .mta. We help each other out, share our knowledge, and have each other’s backs. It’s what makes us a team and it’s what helps us succeed.

So you can be pretty sure that you will never walk alone in .mta 😉

Paulina Kwapisz HR Specialist I'm all about people, always looking out for their well-being and the overall vibe at the office. While interested in psychology, I prefer fantasy novels over self-help books and value hands-on experience more than theoretical knowledge. Besides, I'm boosting my knowledge in employer branding and marketing. What I can't stand are the sounds of cotton being torn apart, ugly and sloppy graphics and presentations. Which is why I'm often the one adding the final touches to them.

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