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In our collaboration with NewDataLabs, we tackled lead generation challenges for online webinars on Facebook and Google. Facing low leads and high costs initially, NewDataLabs struggled with the complex B2B industry, limited budget, and creative issues. We addressed this with strategies like bidding tests, performance creatives, and optimized campaign structures.

The results were impressive — a 31% boost in click-through rate and a remarkable 71% cut in average cost per lead from 162 PLN to 48 PLN. Lead quality improved, stabilizing NewDataLabs’ lead generation and building brand awareness. Future plans involve expanding to other markets and using LinkedIn ads for more qualified leads.

Team Involved

Anton Kirichenko

Project Manager, Facebook Ads Manager

Klaudia Szlendak

Google Ads Manager

About the client

NewDataLabs company based in Poland, was established in 2015, boasting nearly 50 Consultants.

Excels in providing advanced solutions in:

  • Data ETL and ELT preparation
  • Data processing in data warehousing
  • Data analysis using Business Intelligence tools
  • CRM for effective customer relationship management

Their expertise and commitment make them a trusted partner to big companies.


The client struggled with gathering leads for online webinars as thee first stage of the funnel before converting them into potential customers. The main problem was that a low amount of leads came from Facebook and Google, with high costs (average amount of monthly leads in the first year of marketing their efforts ~27 with an average cost of 102 PLN / lead)

Main goal

Gather leads for webinars from Facebook & Google

The next step would be to convert participants from online webinars to event participants, and after that convert them into customers for business solutions implementation.


Complicated B2B-focused industry
B2B-focus often requires a deeper understanding of the target audience’s needs, pain points, and buying behavior. In this case, NewDataLabs faced challenges in effectively navigating this intricate industry to reach their target customers, and communicate their offerings.

Limited budget and high goals at the beginning of the partnership
NewDataLabs faced a limited marketing budget but had ambitious goals for their campaigns. They aimed to achieve significant results, such as generating a high volume of leads, within the budget constraints. To succeed, strategic planning, cost-effective strategies, and a focus on maximizing lead generation were crucial.

Lack of video ads
NewDataLabs faced a challenge with incorporating video ads into their marketing campaigns, which limited their ability to leverage engaging visuals and multimedia storytelling for capturing attention and fostering brand connection.

Hard to approach specific B2B audiences
Thanks to testing different approaches such as bidding setups and audience combinations, we found out the best performing audiences.

A lot of different monthly events with different target groups
We started to minimize the amount of campaigns with using different ad sets within campaigns, if audiences were similar for different webinars, we added them within one ad set. It helped us reduce audience overlap, avoid competition between campaigns and optimize the budget spent.

Low-performing creatives
We started to produce performance creative and animations to grab users’ attention and increase the click-through rate and as a result increase amount of landing page views and leads.

Solutions used

After analyzing, we found out key points that should be improved:

  • The analytics part was not implemented
  • Lack of any tests to find out the best audience combination
  • Lack of different campaign optimizations
  • Lack of naming convention on the accounts
  • Lack of overall data-driven approach
  • Lack of one source of truth across the platforms

We devised a comprehensive marketing plan that addressed NewDataLabs’ challenges and aimed to deliver tangible results. The strategies employed included:

  1. Testing Different Bidding Strategies: We experimented with various bidding strategies and identified bid-cap with manual limit cost per lead as the most effective approach. This optimization helped control costs while maximizing lead generation.
  2. Producing Performance Creatives: We focused on creating engaging and performance-driven creatives tailored to NewDataLabs’ target audience. By leveraging animations and compelling visuals, they achieved a remarkable 31% improvement in click-through rate, elevating audience engagement.
  3. Optimizing Campaign Structure and Naming Convention: To enable data-driven decision-making and streamline operations, we optimized the campaign structure and naming convention. This approach minimized the number of campaigns to manage and allowed for more effective management on the ad set level.
  4. Testing Audience Combinations: We conducted extensive testing of different audience combinations to identify the most impactful targeting strategy. This iterative process aimed to refine the campaigns and uncover the optimal audience segments for NewDataLabs’ offerings.
  5. Creative and Text Optimization: We paid close attention to optimizing the creative elements and ad text. By refining these aspects, they enhanced the relevance and resonance of the ads, resulting in improved performance and better conversion rates, as well as overall brand perception.

Achievements and Outcomes:

The collaboration between .mta and NewDataLabs yielded impressive results. The implemented strategies and optimizations led to significant improvements in key performance indicators:

  • Enhanced Click-Through Rate: The performance creatives and animations produced by MTA Digital resulted in a 31% increase in click-through rate, elevating audience engagement and interaction with NewDataLabs’ ads.
  • Decreased Cost per Click and Cost per Lead: Through strategic bidding and audience testing, MTA Digital achieved a remarkable 71% reduction in cost per lead. This improvement brought the average cost per lead down from approximately 162 PLN to an average of 48 PLN in a year, contributing to a more cost-efficient lead generation process.
  • Increased Lead Quality: In addition to the cost savings, MTA Digital’s efforts also led to an improvement in the quality of leads generated for NewDataLabs. This outcome indicates the effectiveness of the strategies in attracting the right target audience, ultimately leading to better business opportunities.

In Google Ads campaigns, the quality of leads has always been higher than in Facebook campaigns, thanks to greater user awareness. The biggest challenge was the small number of leads acquired through this channel. There have been brief periods during which campaigns have garnered more leads than usual, but our goal has been to increase the number of leads on a permanent basis, to regularly acquire more and more high-quality conversions.

After implementing a few optimizations and launching a Performance Max campaign targeting audience groups likely to be particularly interested in the topic, we were able to increase the number of leads acquired per month by up to three times.


31% Improved Click-Through Rate

71% Reduction in Cost per Lead

Enhanced Lead Quality

By leveraging innovative marketing tactics, testing different strategies, and optimizing various aspects of their campaigns, we successfully navigated the challenges faced by NewDataLabs. The partnership resulted in remarkable improvements in click-through rate, cost efficiency, and lead quality. .mta’s ability to adapt to the complexities of the B2B industry and deliver exceptional results showcases our expertise and effectiveness as a digital marketing agency.

Thanks to producing performance creative and animations, we managed to get a 31% better click-through rate (from 1.26% to 1.65%) , decreasing cost per click, and cost per lead. At the same time, after implementing bidding and audience testing, we decreased average cost per lead YoY by 71% from ~162 PLN to ~48 PLN.

Benefits for the customer

Thanks to our efforts, the client stabilized their lead generation and built brand awareness among potential customers. Because of regular marketing activities, the client is now thinking about scaling the current strategy to other markets to increase the return on investment and level up their business model.

Plans for future

Now we plan to work on brand awareness and scale the model to other countries, providing webinars in English. Additionally, scaling campaigns with LinkedIn ads to increase the amount of qualified leads.


They are flexible and innovative, which allows us to cooperate successfully.

Since working with MTA Digital, key metrics like website traffic, conversions, and sales have all improved. The team acts promptly, resolving questions and requests as soon as possible. They also work flexibly and continue to leverage their knowledge and expertise to ensure optimal results.

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