Growth Marketing Strategist

15 000 - 20 000 PLN
B2B / Mandatory Contract
Commission bonus
Fully Remote
Online recruitment
Interview in Polish
b2/c1data analystSEMstrategic thinking

We’re the marketing crew you didn’t know you needed. Curiosity? Check. Passion for out-of-the-box thinking? Double check. A place to develop and achieve your goals? You don’t even have to ask. We don’t need any boss looking over our shoulders. We’ve got the drive, the skills, and that go-getter attitude. We’re all about making work fit our life, not the other way around. Work with us, and you will see that “more than an agency” isn’t only an empty claim.

Our team is waiting for you!

Are you a leader who can utilize data to set goals and directions? Do you value analysis and strategic thinking? 📊

Interested in working in a project team focused 100% on full-client service, where each project is pretty large (250-500hrs per month) and marketing spend can range from $500k to $3M?

Perfect! This might be the place for you, where both your analytical and visionary skills will be cherished. Let’s get to know each other! 👌

Poznań office or fully remote
Our Team:
75+ extraordinary people
International clients
Polish, and English with our customers
Work schedule:
Fully flexible, 7-hour working day
Basic salary + Performance bonus pay

What does it look like?

As a Business Strategist, you will be the backbone of the team, directing data-driveen marketing strategies. Your tasks will include preparing long-term strategies for marketing channels, deep analysis of customer data, and monitoring and adjusting strategies in real-time, focusing on clients from the USA spending $500k – $3M on marketing channels such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok, etc.

Thanks to a wide range of competencies among the members of our team, we offer our clients a truly 360 service — we focus mainly on Performance Marketing and PPC efforts, but we also offer support with analytics and data activation, building dashboards, SEO, UX, CRO or Influencer Marketing.

The most important thing we bring to the table is our big-picture strategic approach, where we spend significant amounts of energy on analyzing the overall condition of the client’s business when it comes to profitability and Return on Investment, not just clicks and sessions.

What we’re looking for?

Our recruitment process largely rests on values and personal traits. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to be stable and offer growth opportunities to our team members for years. We verify these personal traits using a personality test. Based on our experience, a successful strategist should exhibit the following traits:

  • 🎨 Creativity: You’re passionate about learning and innovation, with a deep need to explore novelties. Your creativity is your compass, leading to dynamic and flexible environments where you have space to develop your innovative ideas.
  • 💡 Conceptuality: You have a penchant for abstract thinking. This allows you to easily juggle theories, models, and complex concepts, transforming them into practical solutions. Your analytical skills are key to us in understanding deep patterns and relationships in diverse data.
  • 👑 Leadership: Your assertive approach and ability to engage others make you a natural leader. You have the courage to take on challenges, point the way for others, and inspire the team to pursue common goals.
  • 🎉 Extraversion: Your openness in social contacts means that you like to share your ideas and draw energy from interactions with others, which translates into strong relationships both within the team and with clients.
  • ❤️ Nurturing: Your empathy and support for others are a priority for you. You have the ability to identify and satisfy the needs of others, making you an invaluable member of any team. Your approach to work is people-oriented, not just results-driven.

We are a good match if you:

  • You are proficient in using analytical tools and can interpret data to make informed decisions.
  • You think like a Visionary — your skills in market research and forecasting allow us to be a step ahead of the competition.
  • You attack problems from a Macro Perspective: You understand how global trends and macroeconomic factors influence our business, and potentially — the client’s business.
  • You’re willing to interact with clients.
  • You’re fluent in English and Polish (B2/C1+),
  • You have experience working with project organization tools — Asana, Slack, Notion, GSuite, etc.
  • You have a solid understanding of Digital Marketing and have experience working with popular channels and tools from the world of digital (Paid Social, SEO, SEM, Analytics etc.). You understand the interplay between them and all the levels of the marketing funnel, as well as the nuances of conversions coming in from different types of marketing campaigns.
  • You have a growth mindset, you’re not daunted by challenges, and you’re keen on taking responsibility for co-leading projects.

Not a must, but awesome if you:

  • are familiar with analytics, SEO, and can approach projects in a multichannel manner,
  • have a general understanding of Digital Marketing and useful tools,
  • are focused on development, not afraid of challenges, and enjoy taking responsibility for co-leading projects

Benefits? Sure! How about...

7 hours of work, 100% your way! Whether you're under a palm tree, surrounded by mountains or on your comfy sofa, you're in charge.
Paid days-off
26 days of paid holiday sounds great? How about extra days for sickness or emergencies? Yes – we provide that too.
Teal management
No hierarchy, no boss, and no behind-the-scenes deals – just a team of specialists making a difference together.
Our internal and external training options await you! Whether it's mastering English or discovering another corner of digital marketing, we've got you covered!
Join us, and you'll see we're as passionate about hangouts as we are about digital marketing. Oh, and heads up... our events? Totally legendary.
International projects
Lots of small projects for everyone? We're not into that. We're into big, global projects and close relationships with our clients.
We believe in enjoying life outside of work. And yes, we care about your health, which is why Medical Care and Multisport are part of the package.
We have a minimum base salary + an additional amount earned on projects. The more you contribute, the more you earn!
Do you need equipment for your work, or do you have your favourite tools? Let us know, we can provide that too.

Smooth recruitment journey, effortless kickoff!

Skills? Yeah, they’re cool. But guess what? We all start somewhere. When we’re hiring, we’re looking for people who click with us. No need to be formal at the meeting. And if your furry friend decides to join in, we’re more than okay with it. Let’s keep things authentic.

Find out how our recruitment process unfolds.

01 Share your CV
02 We'll schedule an online meeting
03 Get a technical task
04 Let's catch up again
05 Welcome on board!

Meet our HR Team


HR Legend


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Curious? We've Got Answers

How do the individual stages of the recruitment process look?

Send us your CV, and we will review it and get back to you. If everything is in order, we will invite you to a 30-minute interview to get to know each other and discuss your skills and experience.

The next stage is a technical task, which you usually have about 5 days to complete. After you have completed the technical task, you will be invited to a second interview. This one will be longer and will be led by a different team of people. All this is for us to get to know each other even better and to make sure that we have a common vibe. At this meeting, we also tell you more about ourselves, so questions are welcome.

What’s next? After the meeting, you will receive feedback from us and we will inform you of our decision.

How should I prepare for the recruitment process?

Be prepared, with good energy and be yourself. 🙂 We want to get to know you better and we don’t have “perfect” answers in mind to our questions. Be natural, because only then will we be able to precisely determine whether we can mutually meet our needs.

Can I work remotely?

Of course! We’re flexible about remote work in our organization, so everyone can work the way they like. You can come to the office whenever you want, work hybrid, or work 100% remotely. Choose the work mode that works best for you.

What hours will I work?

We have flexible working hours, and we work 7 hours a day. However, we have a rule that you should be available for your team (in case of questions, need for help from you, etc.) around 10:00 – 14:00, which is when most people work. If you like to work in the morning and evenings, that’s fine with us. Your well-being and your biological clock are important. 🙂 If something important came up in the middle of the day and you need to jump out, that’s perfectly okay for us as long as your projects are under control and your team doesn’t mind.

Do I have the possibility of paid leave on B2B?

Yes, you do! We offer 26 days of paid leave per year, 4 days of leave on demand in case of an emergency, 5 days of sick leave in case of illness, and 5 days of childcare. Additionally, any overtime hours tallied at the end of the month will be added to your vacation pool.

What tools do you use for work organization?

Internally, we use Google tools: Chat, Calendar, and Spreadsheets. Additionally, we use Asana and Notion for project management, Slack for communication with clients. We are also flexible – if you have a tool that you like and want to implement it additionally – feel free to do so!

How many projects or clients does one person handle?

We don’t have a specific number, but we’re not a company where one person handles dozens of projects on their own. We think that’s inefficient and doesn’t allow us to focus on quality, which is what’s most important to us. Likewise, we have a rule that there are always at least two people on a project (if it’s small), we don’t work alone. Our specialists decide for themselves how many projects they want to work on, but it’s usually 2-3 large projects and/or a few smaller ones. We always try to keep an eye on our workload and leave about 20% of our time outside of projects, so we can think about improvements and development.

What are my development opportunities?

First and foremost, by working with great specialists who are always happy to share their knowledge. We also offer internal training in various areas of digital marketing. You can also take advantage of external training or go to conferences, as long as we disccuss it beforehand and agree that it’s a good allocation of company funds 😉 You can also try your hand at other areas of digital. In .mta you are not assigned to a specific position, thanks to this you can develop in many areas at the same time.

Feeling a match?

Go ahead, apply now! Apply for this position!