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Picture this: You’re a digital marketing expert, or you’re just dipping your toes into the field. You’ve got a job in a company, and it’s going pretty well. As time goes on, you’re gaining experience, but you’re also becoming more interested in other areas beyond your current specialization. What’s your plan? You invest time in self-improvement, boost your skills, and…? Maybe you start searching for a new job.

But what if you could pivot within your current workplace? Or, even better, what if you could balance both worlds without compromising either? Does that sound like a utopian dream?

In .mta you define your (own) path

May sound like a slogan, but it’s the truth, and it’s strongly aligned with all our values and rules. Why is that? Tail organizations operate in a non-hierarchical manner, with a focus on self-management and decentralization. The colour (turquoise) itself is supposed to represent balance and harmony.

Those types of organizations operate on a working system that is completely different from the traditional hierarchical structures that we all know. Instead of top-down decision-making, they rely on decentralized authority, where every member of the organization has autonomy and equal responsibility.

This approach requires innovation, creativity, and collaboration within the organization and its employees. By empowering their workers and creating a more democratic environment, turquoise organizations have been able to achieve high levels of not only employee satisfaction but also overall business success. What is more, studies have shown that these types of organizations are more efficient, productive, and resilient in the face of challenges.

To sum up everything up to this point, tail organizations are characterized by:

  • No Bossy Leadership: There is no boss to tell you precisely what to do – decisions are mutual.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: We create an efficient and comfortable model for everyone.
  • Team Support: We back each other’s needs and ambitions.
  • Salary Control: Thanks to our Performance Model. (read more here #link)

And on top of that, we’re a group of specialists from several areas of digital activities:

  • PPC
  • Web Analytics
  • Sales
  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Analytics

The combination of all these factors means one thing – the growth potential in .mta is limited only by your imagination!

How does it work in practice?

Knowing how our system works and how we value entrepreneurship together with personal development, after only a few months in our organization, you can define your own project’s portfolio. You are in control of your salary, meaning that it’s up to you to earn more. You can do it by optimizing your time on the projects you’re working on, but you can also learn new things and evolve your portfolio so that it contains new projects that suit your needs. There’s no one to tell you, you can’t get involved in them, as long as it’s aligned with our mutual vision and ambitions.

At .mta, you can also develop your skills and engage in projects or roles within the organization with truly no limits at all. We have an EDU library and senior specialists that support your path to a new specialization that interests you.

It doesn’t mean that .mta is a “wild wild west” and everyone can do literally everything – there are consequences for every action. As an agency, we’re representing the needs of our clients, so every member of the organization takes responsibility for the final result – reaching a business goal. Learning new things is cool, but we all need to remember that first and foremost – we must deliver results that satisfy both sides.

There’s also a financial aspect. Learning takes time, and time in business is nothing but money. Knowing how our Performance Model works, you already know that the road to reaching new heights might get bumpy at the start. But it truly works, and we have a couple of examples to prove it:

“What I appreciate the most about .mta is the fact that we first and foremost value and appreciate our people. It’s essential that everyone feels good and enjoys what they do. My journey with the company began when I started as a Digital Marketing Intern. Later on, I took my first steps as a SEO specialist and then started to discover my passion for UX. At that time, this service was not yet available for .mta’s clients, so despite my lack of experience in this field, I was lucky enough to start building new services, while learning about them. I received so much support and lots of advice, both business-wise and marketing-wise. Here, I learned how to work with clients, and thanks to that the UX department took off and became an independent team really fast. As a result, I could start to develop and grow not only as a specialist but also as a team leader.”

“Coming into .mta I was a complete newbie, uncertain about my career path. I wanted to work in HR, recruiting the best talents for our team. During headhunting sessions, we discovered potential candidates who had not yet considered a career change. The transformations they underwent, thanks to the opportunities we presented, were immensely rewarding and spot-on. After some time I wanted to try something more technical and work on projects. I liked PPC and Meta Ads since the beginning and I decided to learn more about them in my free time. Simultaneously I began to work with influencers, whose materials were also used in PPC ads. The team’s open-mindedness and support allowed me to hop on projects and fully spread my wings. What’s great about .mta is that you can do multiple different things, both technical and creative. Everyone can find something for themselves and you can never get bored!”

“When I joined .mta working on Google Ads was my main thing and something I specialized in. These days I am also involved in programmatic advertising, managing two projects, and creating dashboards. I highly value the fact that I have the opportunity to dive into so many diverse topics, as it has allowed me to acquire a variety of skills in a short period of time. Thanks to project management, my communication has improved significantly, and so has my English. My organizational skills have become even stronger than when I started my journey with the company. The fact that I have so many different tasks is very beneficial for my mind. Sometimes, when I need to let my hair down and unwind, I sit down to work on dashboards or programmatic tasks. That’s when I focus on managing more technically challenging aspects of my work. It’s a nice stepping stone from daily tasks that require a lot of talking and activating more non-technical skills.”

“In the beginning, I started as a freelance copywriter, who was just writing and helping with a simple copy for Google Ads. Later on, I started writing texts for SEO. That’s when Kuba Krystkowiak noticed me and involved me in his Google Ads projects. At the same time, I was working on Google Ads and writing SEO content. I started to enjoy the Google Ads part more and more. In the meantime, there was some kind of training, and I tried to put a lot of effort into it and learned a lot. Then I began to work more and more on projects with Kuba. With time, two major projects came in, and I became one of the strongest people in Google Ads. At some point, I decided that I wanted to move towards Programmatic and develop in that direction. I also started with the Weber, and eventually, I started PM-ing things. I learned to delegate tasks, and with time it became my main responsibility. We were looking for a second TL in MTA, and people agreed that I could take over that responsibility. With time, Mateusz Mikołajczyk handed over that part to me more and more until I fully took over.”

There is always room for a new adventure

At .mta, we offer our employees the freedom to carve their unique career paths, expand their skill sets, and evolve alongside with the company. You are not put into a box, where you have a defined and unchangeable, single position or function. Instead, we believe it’s crucial to bring our ideas to fruition, therefore we make sure everyone has the chance to explore various fields and roles. We provide our team with the resources, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration, and celebrating every single milestone along the way. So, if you’re ready to step into a dynamic, supportive, and innovative workplace, we invite you to join us at .mta and experience a career journey that’s uniquely yours and truly one-of-a-kind. Sounds exciting?

Paulina Kwapisz HR Specialist I'm all about people, always looking out for their well-being and the overall vibe at the office. While interested in psychology, I prefer fantasy novels over self-help books and value hands-on experience more than theoretical knowledge. Besides, I'm boosting my knowledge in employer branding and marketing. What I can't stand are the sounds of cotton being torn apart, ugly and sloppy graphics and presentations. Which is why I'm often the one adding the final touches to them.

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