Values that resonate: Crafting a cohesive workplace culture

In today’s rapidly shifting professional landscape, organizational values are no longer just words on a wall. They’ve evolved to be the driving force behind the culture of any workspace. The expectations from a workplace have grown beyond just monetary compensation. People seek alignment – a synergy between their beliefs and the values of the organization they work for.
At .mta, our values didn’t just pop up overnight. Sure, we had an initial idea of what mattered most to us. But what these values have grown into? That’s thanks to our team. As John Wooden once put it, ‘Good values are like magnets – they attract good people.’ That really sums up how we feel about our work culture.


We wanted to be real. Our aim wasn’t just to have cool-sounding values that look good on a webpage. We were after traits that really meant something to us as a team. To get there, we started with deep dives into research, group talks, and questionnaires. Only after really getting what those studies were saying did we check them against what we already believed. Luckily, they matched up well. For us at .mta, putting people first has always been key. Choosing team members based on their mindset and character has helped us all get on the same page about what matters most.

Our values

1. Ongoing improvement

Our drive to be the best comes from our natural curiosity and love of learning. These traits drive us to explore new areas, try fresh ideas, and use the latest tools and techniques. We’re all about taking on challenges with a positive attitude and a fearless approach. We’re looking for enthusiastic people who love to create, learn, and develop their skills. We believe there’s an answer to every problem – we just need to find the right way to solve it.

How is this implemented in reality?

We share our knowledge because we aim to build a team of true professionals. We educate each other through internal workshops. We have complete freedom in deciding what new skills we want to acquire. Furthermore, we don’t limit ourselves by our roles but collaborate and learn from those who are experts in specific fields. We want to learn from the best — which is why we also update our knowledge based on external training. We know we aren’t infallible, and it’s clear we might sometimes lack certain knowledge. But we never leave questions unanswered.

2. Entrepreneurship

We appreciate those who take initiative. Our ideal team members have determination and are proactive in setting their own goals. While we encourage team building and organizational growth, we believe that having an idea is just the starting point. Realizing a project requires persistence and resilience, we highly regard individuals who tenaciously tackle challenges, transforming their ideas into tangible outcomes.

How does it work in practice?

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute their ideas: they can create new teams, processes, and services within the organization, and as a result, help it grow. This is how new teams specializing in different digital areas emerge within .mta, all managed by passionate and proactive individuals. Moreover, we manage our own time and tasks; we don’t have a boss assigning tasks to us every day – we have to ensure that we have an optimal workload ourselves.

3. Support and trust

Trust is the foundation of our collaboration. Thanks to it, we are sure that the clients and tasks entrusted to us are in good hands. We trust each other professionally and personally, which allows us to build a team that simply likes one another and enjoys spending time together. Moreover, we do a good job because we know we can rely on each other.

How does it work in practice?

We have each other’s backs, there’s no question about that. If you’re up against a wall, you can count on the team to come through. Do you like to learn? So do we, that’s why we have internal digital marketing workshops. Our HR team even runs sessions on how to keep your work life chill and healthy. And when life happens, whether it’s holidays or something unexpected, we’ve got you covered.

Honesty is our jam, and we take it to the next level with regular feedback sessions. Yes, we’re talking surveys that let you speak your mind and self-care meetings where everyone has a voice. Got something to say? We’re all ears, always.

So how do we build this trust day after day? Simple. We hang out in the office, even if we’re mostly working remotely. We also have speed-meets when we are remote, where we jump into rapid-fire conversations about anything and everything, just to get to know each other better. That’s why we’ve got your back when you need it.

4. Transparency

Our organization doesn’t operate on discretionary pay or negotiations. Financial transparency, clarity in projects, defined responsibilities, and open communication are fundamental to our model. This means flexibility, openness, and honesty are essential. You won’t find any behind-the-scenes deals or quiet arrangements here.

How does it work in practice?

Every financial or personnel change in our organization is open for review — anyone can check it, just by asking. We can check literally anything from costs, salaries, office costs, income or time spent on specific tasks. We believe in meritocracy, trusting those who bring more knowledge and experience, so we are not afraid to delegate responsibility to others and help them grow.

We do not rely on arbitrary decisions or negotiations, and each person’s compensation is directly linked to their personal development and contribution to the projects we are involved in. And, as you may have guessed, we can control every component of our payout.

5. Value first

The goal of our work is to focus on delivering value to both our clients and ourselves. We care that our actions make sense and provide real value. Therefore, before starting any activities, we ask ourselves how can we help to solve the real issue, not how we can sell something.

How does it work in practice?

How can we help you?” — this is the key question we ask ourselves in both internal and external collaboration. First, we help, provide value, and then we think about “what can we get from this.” Never the other way around. Based on this, we have created workshops for our clients. These workshops provide a space for exchanging ideas to deliver value to customers. At these meetings, there are no bad ideas – there are only opportunities for free brainstorming, strategic project planning, and building strong relationships with clients. Read more here about Value First Workshops.

Times may change, but our pillars remain upright.

With these main ideas, we’re shaping a team that’s strong and keeps improving, no matter how times shift. We stand strong through ups and downs because our crew really makes .mta what it is and shares a vision for its future. Sure, our direction might adjust here and there, but one thing stays solid: bringing together folks who truly mesh well and vibe together.

Paulina Kwapisz HR Specialist I'm all about people, always looking out for their well-being and the overall vibe at the office. While interested in psychology, I prefer fantasy novels over self-help books and value hands-on experience more than theoretical knowledge. Besides, I'm boosting my knowledge in employer branding and marketing. What I can't stand are the sounds of cotton being torn apart, ugly and sloppy graphics and presentations. Which is why I'm often the one adding the final touches to them.

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