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Our work with a prominent car rental company began in 2020, aiming to refine their digital marketing approach. Initially focusing on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, our role soon expanded to a full range of digital marketing services. The challenge was to effectively engage both individual and corporate clients.

By reorganizing their Google Ads and enhancing brand presence on Facebook Ads, we achieved a significant 53% increase in conversions over two years. As the company expands, opening new locations and acquiring other businesses, we’re excited to continue as their main digital partner, now also focusing on SEO, UX/UI, Analytics, and LinkedIn Ads to support their growing presence in the market.

Team Involved

Adrian Borzęcki

Project Manager, Google Ads Manager

Anton Kirichenko

Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads Manager

About the client

Oslo Bilutleie is an established car rental company in Oslo. They cater to both corporate and individual clients, including renowned companies like Skanska, Caverion, Veidekk, and Hent. They offerflexible rental options ranging from short-term to long-term tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

A bit of backstory

Our collaboration in digital marketing with Oslo Bilutleie began in the autumn of 2020 with the goal of optimizing their existing marketing efforts on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Since then, we’ve been consistently conducting campaigns on these platforms. In early 2022, Oslo Bilutleie entrusted us with their entire digital marketing portfolio, which was previously managed by other agencies and freelancers. This included LinkedIn Ads, SEO, UX/UI, Web Development, and Analytics.

Before 2020, Oslo Bilutleie managed their PPC activities independently, relying mainly on the automation features offered by Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This presented an opportunity to optimize their campaigns and propose solutions, which the client initially entrusted us to implement on a trial basis. After experiencing a noticeable increase in interest in their car rental services, reflected in the number of reservations and optimized costs, the client decided to sign a contract with us for PPC activities. Alongside managing PPC campaigns, we also developed and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy.

One of the biggest challenges was effectively reaching the target audience, which comprised of both B2B and B2C customers. Moreover, as Oslo Bilutleie had a rental location near the Oslo Airport, their customer base extended beyond Oslo’s residents and businesses. It also included travellers visiting Oslo for recreational and business purposes. It’s important to note that the client offered both long-term rental options for utility vehicles and short-term rental options for personal cars.

Another complicating factor was the lack of control over the destination website and the specific offers presented there. Furthermore, the ever-changing phases of the Covid-19 pandemic posed external challenges.

How we’ve worked on improving results

The goal

  • The primary marketing goal was to optimize the PPC campaigns to enhance performance results. The focus was not solely on achieving quantitative targets but rather on optimizing the platforms to generate more inquiries and orders.
  • Additionally, a secondary objective was to increase awareness on social platforms, positioning Oslo Bilutleie as a reliable and affordable solution that could effectively compete with other commercial car rental companies in the market.

The strategy

To achieve our goals, we identified two key tools to leverage:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Google Ads served as the primary performance-driven platform, impacting both direct competition and brand-related queries. Facebook Ads, on the other hand, focused on brand awareness and provided information to existing and potential customers about the current offers, targeting both B2C and B2B audiences.

To maximize conversion opportunities for B2B campaigns, we worked with the client to create a dedicated landing page (https://oslobilutleie.no/tilbud-2/) where visitors could access the latest B2B long-term rental offers. We also collected customer data by encouraging them to fill in their name and email, allowing us to define custom audience groups on Facebook.

We restructured the Google Ads account, emphasizing granular ad groups, keywords, and ad creatives related to specific car categories. We separated brand campaigns and created a dedicated campaign targeting competitors’ keywords. We defined key conversions, such as email or phone inquiries and orders placed through the website. We optimized the campaigns for these conversions and set bidding strategies accordingly for each campaign.


53% increase in conversions over 2 years

9,603 conversions with 438,847 PLN invested in Google Ads accounts

1,000,000 impressions

Google Ads:

Restructuring the account resulted in a 20% decrease in cost per conversion in the initial period, allowing us to scale performance activities and justify progressive budget increases. In the first year, we achieved a 33% increase in conversions while only increasing the ad spend by 10%. In the following year, the focus was primarily on scaling the business and performance activities, resulting in an additional 20% increase in conversions compared to 2021, with a proportional increase in the budget (19%).

The results were as following:

  • 53% increase in conversions over 2 years
  • 9,603 conversions with 438,847 PLN invested in Google Ads accounts

Facebook Ads:

Due to various changes, including the acquisition of a competitor’s company and the rebranding from Sunndal Bilutleie to Oslo Bilutleie, there is no definitive data available for reach and quantitative results. However, we’ve successfully guided the client through all the related changes on the platform and streamlined the process.

In turn, we can present the following results for the second half of 2022:

  • 197,404 ad reach
  • 1,000,000 impressions
  • 538 B2C and B2B conversions with 33,087 PLN invested in Facebook Ads account

What’s next?

Oslo Bilutleie has opened another location in Jessheim and, in the meantime, acquired the oldest car rental service in Oslo, thus transitioning from a local business to a regional one. They have chosen .mta as their primary digital partner and are further expanding their presence through SEO, UX/UI, Analytics, and LinkedIn Ads. They aim to continue growing and evolving in the PPC channels.


I am extremely satisfied with MTA Digital’s services, which was responsible for advertising management for my company OsloBilutleie.no AS on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and TikTok. I would like to sincerely thank you for a fruitful collaboration, and exceptionally successful operations.

The flow of our collaboration was exceptionally successful. The communication with your team was perfect, you’ve always been available, ready to answer our questions and help. Your openness to remarks and suggestions let us achieve the best results in advertising campaigns. We appreciate your flexibility and commitment, which allowed us to adapt the strategy to the changing needs of the market.

Your professionalism was visible at every stage of our collaboration. We are impressed with your skills, advanced know-how, and thorough data analysis, thanks to which we’ve achieved better results and increased our presence on different platforms. Your ideas and creativity in creating advertising content were amazing, and caught our potential clients’ attention.

Thanks to your support our brand has become more recognisable, and the number of our clients has increased significantly. Your efficiency in advertising budget management let us achieve a better return on investment, which is incredibly important for our business.

We thank you once again for our collaboration, and the professional approach to our needs. With all certainty, we will continue our cooperation with your company, and with a clear conscience, we will recommend your services to other entrepreneurs looking for effective support in advertising.

It’s hard to imagine a better partner for marketing activities than you! Thank you, and we wish you further success in your business endeavors!

Przemyslaw Stankiewicz
OsloBilutleie.no AS

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