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Pillars | Transparency

What does transparency mean for .mta? At the core of our values, we’re all about honesty and transparency. No sugar-coating or hidden intentions here. Our approach is to be straightforward and truthful to our clients, as well as to those who work with us. Our services come with no hidden agenda. Time is precious to […]

Influencer Engagement Rate – why is this factor so important?

Why is Influencer Engagement Rate so important? Understanding the level of engagement among influencer’s followers provides valuable insights. In a crowded space with lots of posts, only influencers who are good at making engaging content get regular responses and feedback from their followers. Influencer’s Engagement Rate isn’t just a one-time thing, as it shows if […]

Meta Ads boost: 4 game-changing tools for growth

2 things to consider while crafting the perfect Meta Ads strategy in 2024 Ability to Effectively Navigate Various Software Tools One key aspect of succeeding on paid social channels, such as Meta ads, primarily on Instagram and Facebook, is the ability to effectively navigate various software tools that help optimize and speed up our work. […]

Pillars | Value First

What is Value First? No fluff, all stuff. It’s about having each other’s backs, doing our best, keeping our word, and being together when it counts. Every move we make has got to mean something. Before diving in, we always ask, “How can we help?” rather than “What can we sell?” We’re all about bringing […]

How influencer marketing can affect company growth?

The key impacts that Influencer Marketing can have on your company’s growth include: Increased brand awareness Established high engagement rates Increased sales Targeted reach to specific audiences Budget and cost savings Through the years, Influencer Marketing and its trends have completely changed. The very first Influencer Marketing actions, which I deliberately refrain from calling “campaigns”, […]

Pillars | Support

Backstory – how is it different in .mta? Our organization was founded in 2015, as a small startup, where a few people needed to trust one another in every way possible. There was no Financial Officer, no Executive Officer, no Senior Specialists from every field of digital marketing. Everyone was doing a little bit of […]

From idea to culture: The .mta story of teal organization

Rado was particularly intrigued by the concept of working together as a ‘tribe’ rather than just another faceless corporation. He believed that such a team dynamic could potentially revolutionize work performance. Driven by this insight and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Rado set out to build an organization that would stand apart from the conventional corporate […]

Pillars | Performance

The foundation From the first PPC team to several specialized teams across different areas of expertise (like SEO, Web Development or Web Analytics) – there was always one idea, a framework that up to this day stands as “The Binder” of the organization: ”To work in a system that allows us to fairly divide revenue, […]

Growing together: Our role system’s journey

Here, the absence of a “big boss” signifies that every team member enjoys the freedom to make decisions, driven by their own initiative and a profound sense of responsibility. Such a structure fosters creativity and innovation, giving every individual a chance to pitch in their ideas, be it refining our HR processes or brainstorming our […]

Pillars | Portfolio Flexibility & Growth

In .mta you define your (own) path May sound like a slogan, but it’s the truth, and it’s strongly aligned with all our values and rules. Why is that? Tail organizations operate in a non-hierarchical manner, with a focus on self-management and decentralization. The colour (turquoise) itself is supposed to represent balance and harmony. Those […]