Pillars | Transparency

Have you ever felt interested about your salary, income from a project, and other stuff that was always hidden, but everyone was still gossiping about?

Say no more, because we’re way past that. Almost every piece of information is available to obtain in our organization. All cards are on the table, you just need to ask.

Secret earnings or behind-the-scenes deals? It’s not our style.

What does transparency mean for .mta?

At the core of our values, we’re all about honesty and transparency. No sugar-coating or hidden intentions here. Our approach is to be straightforward and truthful to our clients, as well as to those who work with us.

Our services come with no hidden agenda. Time is precious to us, and we know it’s important to our clients too. If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll say it plain and simple. And when we’re up for a new challenge, we’ll also let you know loud and clear.

Our campaigns are an open book, with weekly calls and easy-to-access spreadsheets. Transparency is not just expected, it’s the norm. We’re all about partnerships that share our values, where both sides are open and honest. In a world filled with information overload, distinguishing fact from fiction is tough and that’s why we are upfront about our challenges, needs, and the real results of our business and campaigns. We expect the same in return, creating a partnership that’s built on trust and respect.

Transparency — what does it look like in practice?

☑️ All data is easy to access

All reshuffles and budget changes, project costs, and revenues are fully transparent and available to each and every one of us. The same kind of transparency applies to our clients – our prices are fair, and marketing budgets are always accounted for to the last penny.

We provide freedom in shaping daily tasks and planning work schedules. There are no rigid positions or fixed responsibilities — we do not impose on anyone what they should do or be. If you feel that something can be created or improved, you are more than welcome to take action.

☑️ Equal opportunities

Our organization does not operate based on discretion or negotiations. Here, everyone works for their own salary, which depends on one’s individual development and involvement in projects on which we operate. When you begin operations in .mta, you’re equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the organization right from the start. You have the freedom to ask any questions and mold your own path and developmental ideas. However, it’s important to note that not everyone can simply do as they please. We’ve already explored certain avenues and tested various ideas. The crucial aspect is to align with the collective direction and mindset of the entire organization.

This allows a broader view of organizational management. Drawing from the idea of meritocracy, we trust people with more experience and knowledge, which is why we are not afraid to delegate responsibilities. We are all human and we learn from our mistakes. In fact, we believe that we should make them, but never the same ones twice.

Thanks to this, each and every one of us is committed to building and developing the organization because it is “our place”. By having a real influence on the creation of .mta, we learn and develop our entrepreneurship skills and proactivity. Therefore, we are not just cogs in someone else’s machine that we simply do not feel.

☑️ Honesty is a key

Transparency isn’t just about access to all charts, revenue data, expenses, or other hard information. For us, being transparent also means complete honesty in communication. That’s why we heavily emphasize feedback and cultivate an atmosphere where feedback is a must-have for development. Genuine and transparent communication, to us, is the ability to share your opinion directly with others. We don’t endorse talking behind backs; if there’s any misunderstanding in the air, the only way to resolve it is through honest conversation and drawing conclusions from it. Whether you’re a specialist who has been with us for 3 months or 5 years, you have the same right to provide constructive criticism and tell the other person if something doesn’t sit well with you. It’s all within the framework of mutual respect and tolerance. That’s transparency should look like to us: A culture where openness, honesty, and mutual respect are the foundation of our interactions, allowing us to grow and thrive together.


People of .mta create a community that thrives on respect, shared success, and the power of transparency. By involving everyone and being open, we create an environment built on trust. We don’t just achieve results. We answer difficult questions, build strong relationships with each other and with our clients and take pride in our work. Here, every voice matters and every accomplishment, even the smallest one, is celebrated.

Without transparency, it would not be possible to attempt building something “different” rather than just negotiating rates, as happens often in “traditional companies”.

Together, we’re not just transparent; we’re transformative game-changers.

Interested in how transparency works in the organization?

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