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Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

I have a deep passion for social media and copywriting, which fuels both my professional and personal endeavors. In my free time, you’ll often find me writing articles about the exciting sport of ski jumping, singing my heart out at various concerts, or studying Norwegian.

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Pillars | Entrepreneurship

What does entrepreneurship mean for our organization? It means that we value people who can plan their own time well and think entrepreneurially. Our team members question what they do and are not afraid to say that they need to earn more for their work. People of .mta understand how much revenue each client generates—as […]

Working less, achieving more: Benefits of a shorter work week at .mta

The storyline The pandemic led to many unexpected changes in daily life and work. Companies around the world had to rethink their work styles and operations. Many people started working from home and found it hard to be as productive due to feeling isolated and missing social interactions with friends and family. Because of these […]