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Case Study English school for children online

Case Study English – school for children online At the time when we started talking to Novakid, we could not imagine the scale with which we would end up just a mere year later. At first, we didn’t think that this project would grow so

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N-gram analysis for keywords

N-gram analysis for keywords Goal Presentation of the possibilities of in-depth analysis of keywords and searched phrases using n-gram. Target group Google Ads Specialists Table of Contents: N-gram analysis for keywords The idea of analyzing search terms – what are we doing this for?  What

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Campaign naming methodology – why is it worth implementing and how will you benefit from it?

Do you manage Facebook, Google Ads or GTM activities? Does being able to distinguish between all the new campaigns start to worry you? Those feelings of dread and frustration stirred by accessing an account and not being able to tell what to do next are known all to well to us. You can imagine what happened, when someone had to quickly jump in! Does this ring a bell?If so – we’re here to share some advice and ideas! The problem surfaced once we started to manage multiple accounts. The task of quickly grasping the situation proved to be difficult even for people working directly with a given client. Today, we’re about to show you our campaign naming methodology and the benefits it brings.

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