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MTA Digital Gains Major Recognition on

It may not be obvious from the satisfied faces of workers, or their reassuring banter, but many workers aren’t as happy as they appear are unhappy at work. The causes could be many, and the structures in which we work are prime suspects. At MTA Digital,

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Data Studio Beta Access

Google Data Studio is the biggest step forward in Google’s data reporting & visualization offering since the launch of Google Analytics in 2005. It’s a giant leap forward from the old Google Analytics dashboards and a game changer for online marketers. What are main advantages

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Youtube lists available in RSLA

This new feature will allow to increase ROI by all customers using Youtube as one of the advertising channels or traffic source. You can show personalized ads to millions of viewers across YouTube and video partner sites, based on their past interactions with your videos

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Display Select Keywords out of Beta

Keyword targeting in Google Display Network has a new option “Content” (previously known as Display Select Keywords – DSK). Google Adwords description of this targeting below: Select this setting to only show your ads on content (such as webpages, apps, and videos) that’s contextually relevant

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